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  1. crazyjogger925: seldom poster here carsmax does great dd so the
  2. Civicbird1976: Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone on our (3)
  3. mightycydy: Thought this Sidley news might be of interest (6)
  4. MGK_2: Pretty awesome Ohm. A lot of what your talking
  5. ohm20: My memory might not be great but it didn't fail (3)
  6. sean007: Sidley Austin busy these days... hired to (1)
  7. sean007: OSHU...which will speak to the performance..Dr. (1)
  8. John Alex: is a miniaturized thermonuclear warhead,
  9. ohm20: I don't use the abbreviations. If someone is (6)
  10. Caruso: Which Business would that be??