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  1. Dr Zaius: EUA, from what I understand of it, appears well (42)
  2. Civicbird76: And one of those rare once in a lifetime (3)
  3. Civicbird76: I think all PPS expectations this year have to be (4)
  4. invisioner: THEY HAVE HIRED AN OFFICIAL PRESS PERSON! Give me (3)
  5. Cassandra X: I just had the surreal conversation I thought I (20)
  6. mikael: Td Ameritrade is showing Cydy as a common stock (5)
  7. docj: (1)
  8. TradeForProfits: great $IQST news with $420k+ net income and chart
  9. TechGuru: Good day to all. Good CC with Nader and the team (20)
  10. ohm20: Do you want to place odds on shareholders who (7)

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