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  1. CDiddy: Ack. It was so close! Right on the tip of their
  2. Civicbird76: Very nice. The stocks I've been used to before (1)
  3. ClosetInvestor: No and I have little doubt he was talking about
  4. blafarm: I'm pretty certain that papers authored by Dr.BP (1)
  5. RTB: Regarding the "papers" -- I think that the paper
  6. chazzledazzle: Dr Lloyd Minor of Stanford just on 11th Hour with (3)
  7. Riztheinvestor: What twitter post is everyone talking about
  8. chazzledazzle: I deserve that.
  9. CDiddy: Hopefully they will post that video. Is anyone
  10. blafarm: Same, but I’m confused by the difference

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