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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes, and now we know we are so close, between (9)
  2. BudLightyr: Respectively speaking because I’m white (12)
  3. armyseal: no close below 2 on a friday...not on my (5)
  4. Bhawks: 'You left us bloody and alone!' Feds reveal MAGA (1)
  5. toodles: Agree Zadie, Actually they are correct and issue (3)
  6. TraderJoe_80: I cant believe some people post this (14)
  7. armyseal: Really you called me a flipper... prove it or
  8. armyseal: You called me out for the last time (3)
  9. ohm20: Video - Dr. Seethamraju and Dr. Lalezari (28)
  10. Figgs: I guess I'm ok with the shift in one week from

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