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  1. Buffi: I saw that video too. Liked when Rory talked (4)
  2. biloxiblues: I have known Nadar longer than most any of you. (25)
  3. Firelife619: We know what to expect when we are standing in (24)
  4. ohm20: Nader's ouster - We don't know the why of it. (12)
  5. MarcS: Nader was terminated on the 24th. Don’t need to (12)
  6. Crujones1985: As a long term shareholder, I wanted to just take (30)
  7. biloxiblues: OBTW GLTA MY LAST POST SEE YOU IN (8)
  8. CDiddy: "Do you really believe it will be better now (15)
  9. TechGuru: Nader took LL out off the shelf and put it where (29)
  10. HHIGambler: I find it hard to believe they cancelled the call (16)