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  1. dbergh: I can't spell > You say Trump is a ASS L O L But
  2. tsn: From Frank on YMB provided good summary on how (17)
  3. dbergh: Yes it is vary sad the way the Country is going' (1)
  4. Boatbuilder: Well it’s officially next (3)
  5. CaptnAmerca: Everyone should contact STAT News today. The (4)
  6. ohm20: There are a few ways leronlimab can cross. (6)
  7. blafarm: Potential Catalysts w/ Est. Dates 8-10-2020 - US (7)
  8. generactor: If there's anyone on here that Nader trusts and (5)
  9. chuckles759: I've been seeing posts recently saying that (2)
  10. jk1550: Wow!!!! From one poster to another thanks for

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