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  1. trding:
  2. mikeyt1818: Excellent definition. We always knew we would be (5)
  3. HCIT: FJ, I believe you're correct on leaving out the
  4. FAT JR: Hi, your leaving out the preferred series c raise
  5. sjacobs26: I agree ohm. However, unless they plan to keep
  6. hylander: I’m going to be honest here a bit. I know there (1)
  7. ClosetInvestor: I won’t even attempt to do the math, but even
  8. ohm20: From NP's talk we'll be partnering up for
  9. prisonwallet: How well do you know your investment? I’ll be (13)
  10. Natural Treasures: I got so excited I forgot to mention that same (5)

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