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  1. DJknows: So the only new post on CytoDyn's website today
  2. Rbarb100: PTM1, Thanks for your request. I was shocked to (1)
  3. Norwegian Rooster: I would like to put out a "Great Thanks" to all (3)
  4. cardamine: American Red Cross 51 yo exec--at Beth Israel
  5. Rbarb100: Yes, I do hope that this miracle drug works for
  6. DJknows: Praying for a miracle! Me too... more than (1)
  7. Rex Eupseiphos: I'm thinking it's 75-25 for reaching primary
  8. DJknows: Thanks Rbarb... praying for your friend and that
  9. CDiddy: In the mild to moderate we will be overwhelming
  10. nmbr1stckpckr: I'm expecting EUA.

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