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  1. Evilrbt: I think you, Girltrader, and bcgk are wrong about (1)
  2. trding: Okay, see if it works now. Also, just for
  3. chessmaster: Couldnt view it - Said I needed to be
  4. chessmaster: CTC's are very much a Surrogate Endpoint. Did you
  5. Civicbird76: Oh, I'm not going anywhere at all. Lol. Just hope
  6. KYCats: WinstonNC, I get to whole fact that possible big
  7. Cytodynamite: BLA isn't baked in imo but I don't expect SP to
  8. psea: appreciate the input! ....and love your posts in (1)
  9. WinstonNC: KYcats I think your smart enuf to figure out why
  10. KYCats: I assume that Henry has shut down giving

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