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  1. LegendayGoat: who ever sold me those shares at 0.096 at open (11)
  2. LegendayGoat: man this price action is so depressing all of our (3)
  3. TraderJoe_80: It sure is incredible the similarities between (14)
  4. Chiro2019: Got some interesting DD about Dream Exchange that (12)
  5. Chiro2019: DD TIME: I stumbled upon something when doing (18)
  6. HHIGambler: Please don't respond to the (5)
  7. MGK_2: Yes, Marc, it is the flip side of that argument. (3)
  8. BUMPERCARS: Gm...looking forward to (4)
  9. SFLsparky: “Platforms changing” makes a lot more sense (8)
  10. MarcS: Look newbies need to know what they are buying. (6)