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  1. Both shallow: Throw this parasite off our MB, he has nothing to (8)
  2. Mauibound: Funny how some posters decide to just show back (8)
  3. zoomboom: Just logout And stop posting you (8)
  4. Badge04: C’mon guys. Leave the petty bullshit and hurt (10)
  5. zoomboom: I would say yeah. (4)
  6. undervaluedstocks:
  7. CentYoda: Don't forget this post from our main man inv33. (1)
  8. Wodebucos: This is the correct explanation. I have done live
  9. lucklady8: UBIQUITY Inc. being sued as well Ubiquity
  10. Lmcat: Crooks and Communists Fight to Lead House

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