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  1. nmbr1stckpckr: "Is there some type of test (e.g. CCR5 (1)
  2. ohm20: Misui has pointed out another potential problem (6)
  3. RTB: Thanks nmbr1. I'm not lazily trying to bring the (3)
  4. Evil Rabbit: I'm just sitting here wondering why our trials (3)
  5. ohm20: So, for these trials, do you have any concerns? (1)
  6. all_Money_in_Mike: It says 1hr ago (1)
  7. RTB: Thanks Ohm. It is rare that you make a (4)
  8. CDiddy: Perhaps our definitions of a failed trial differ. (2)
  9. Riztheinvestor: CCR5 Delta 32 is very rare in people I think it
  10. RTB: Fair enough in concept. FDA doesn't agree with (3)

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