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  1. toxzl2: Guys I love you all, I know deep in my soul that (3)
  2. Manapua: Hey everyone, this may be my possibly be my first (2)
  3. redspeed: That's great You're a flipper and made money. (2)
  4. Gold49er: Re: there isn't even a hohmann transfer window
  5. Caruso: Keep that thought, my friend!
  6. FiggyPiggy: Thanks for the response.... but you are wrong.... (1)
  7. All Aboard: Sorry guys. I’m way in debt and under pressure (1)
  8. jcacciabeve: Wait, so because because I choose my investment
  9. Mauibound: Good news must be coming, it always gets (5)
  10. freegriff: Alright alright alright, it was nothing personal, (3)

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