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  1. CDiddy: I hope we sign a licensing deal for COVID ASAP. (11)
  2. TechGuru: OTCnewbie, You bring two good points: 1) We need (9)
  3. Good to go: How many patients will DSMC be looking at? Only
  4. OTCnewbie: I agree, I think in terms of SP appreciation and (2)
  5. TechGuru: Question: Does a termination due to overwhelming (3)
  6. Average_Joe: Not a lot of real meat in this article ... just
  7. otcaddict: If FDA is really corrupted, they may want us to
  8. otcaddict: BP are trying to prove 2 negative will yield a (2)
  9. blafarm: Potential Catalysts w/ Est. Dates 8-2-2020 - US (4)
  10. CDiddy: I believe a stoppage of the trial would virtually (10)

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