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  1. ohm20: Definition of conference call : a telephone call (1)
  2. Commando911: Bezos and Gates have active philanthropic health
  3. CDiddy: Much appreciated sjacobs. Scrambling to figure (1)
  4. sjacobs26: I’m always glad to help if and when I can. I
  5. Bored Lawyer: Yes, people are trying to borrow your stock to
  6. armyseal: I love it scankhubbers trying to post on this (2)
  7. henry f: Funny how “map” appears out of nowhere with
  8. blafarm: "Does anyone have the list of 22 cancer
  9. mikeyt1818: Imagine that we are mere days away (imo) from (8)
  10. psea: wow. today's posts have to be about the most (3)

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