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  1. peacekat: Ohm20: NP said Leronlimab could mimic the
  2. nmbr1stckpckr: Why not read the analysis/rebuttal instead?
  3. Evilrbt: Stranger still, NP often hosts his own (1)
  4. DJknows: Dr. Yo says the patient, Dr. Tom Purcell, is a
  5. DJknows: This 8-K had to be filed about the distribution
  6. nmbr1stckpckr: Please provide link.
  7. CDiddy: There is growing talk about testing Leronlimab in (1)
  8. Alekos: How can we be optimistic when it’s like this? (2)
  9. reallypeople?: How did this guy get into the trial . Post covid
  10. Riztheinvestor: You can’t hide the truth ever, trust me I know (2)

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