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  1. LaundryMoney: Dr with first hand experience of the drug and its (4)
  2. lorbas: Has the study been sized down?
  3. Rubraquercus: Dr Recknor is my anchor in all (1)
  4. lorbas: "We hope to have a conference call toward the (1)
  5. craigakess: That sounds nice and all, us storming the castle, (1)
  6. CTMedic: Oh, Canada?
  7. chazzledazzle: So UK MHRA IS a little quicker on the draw. Good (2)
  8. Daltondog: I didn't know Recknor was a full time employee
  9. Evil Rabbit: Pfizer vaccine approved in UK.
  10. biloxiblues: Thank you I will look forward to (1)

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