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  1. Steel Reserve: Squirel never tasted so good. Just figured out (4)
  2. Steel Reserve: Call me an idiot. You gooftard. (2)
  3. Steel Reserve: You better shut your trap and stop calling me a
  4. Drano: No one said CYDY was involved in the Nader case. (3)
  5. Cydyer: a settlement would first be applied to the debt (1)
  6. craigakess: The "why" doesn't matter specifically. What (1)
  7. Figgs: Part of the CYDY mystery novel, what I remember (2)
  8. sean007: Hardly..."at the starting line"...NO (2)
  9. sean007: Moniker should be Cydenier...rides the edges ALL (1)
  10. sean007: "Wilful misconduct"...make that (1)