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  1. junebug: My question is Doc replied "yes" when asked would (19)
  2. LegendayGoat: bro u sound so stupid calm down things happen i (3)
  3. Respert24: So I was up early today to celebrate my birthday (33)
  4. ohm20: I will be the first one to say I could be wrong (10)
  5. Enjay: Dr. John Bream tweeted to Dr. Woodcock (not news (8)
  6. Latane: So if I am understanding you correctly - the big (14)
  7. firemedguy111: So I sent a message to doc last week asking him (18)
  8. ohm20: Naturally my next question is will this be (6)
  9. grow: Some CYDY notes from the recent CC on April 7, (35)
  10. smurph: Thank you, Ohm20. Naturally my next question is

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