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  1. enemyofpluto: You gotta figure something is up with those two (3)
  2. LegendayGoat: man this price action is so depressing all of our (3)
  3. Civicbird1976: Hope this .095 turns very quickly into $2.00 plus (5)
  4. armyseal: hilarious little whack job with whatever they (3)
  5. bugeater: Respert HELP.. need levity and #technical (1)
  6. sean007: WELL SAID.
  7. cardamine: Hope that investigation proves to have some
  8. Questfortruth: Does that mean you'll finally stay away? You and (5)
  9. sean007: We as longs here...are looking at the LONG (1)
  10. Riztheinvestor: Technical bounce off of .39? Nice to (1)