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  1. Buddyboy20: PBio with an interesting post on expectations set (7)
  2. Civicbird1976: I certainly hope it's in the multitudes, mikey. (5)
  3. Civicbird1976: Today's the first official trading day of (7)
  4. Civicbird1976: Hope this .095 turns very quickly into $2.00 plus (5)
  5. MGK_2:
  6. wrenchman: Imo the bread crumb trail bout to end with a BIG (10)
  7. KenChowder: If Cytodyn only expected or asked for Amarex to (9)
  8. BUMPERCARS: (rolling eyes) oh brother...freaking (2)
  9. mikeyt1818: That is a huge amount of followers. If they load (8)
  10. armyseal: Hilarious and these pussies passing around PM’s (2)