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  1. marines: Don’t miss out on the momentum . It my dip but (9)
  2. marines: Profit taking yes but because it is still (7)
  3. Billman: For some reason the press release are not showing (7)
  4. biggestjimmy: We knew there would be some profit taking after (11)
  5. marines: That’s y I block them as soon as a smell a rat (7)
  6. jettyjams: Looks like we are experiencing the healthy dip (6)
  7. cantonski: What I think is funny is that a couple of weeks (10)
  8. Caruso: This news is 2 weeks old
  9. mikeyt1818: Looking forward to that volume. Even though I (3)
  10. Chiro2019: They filed 14C June 24th, 2019....

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