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  1. Arkadius: (1)
  2. Toyota: lots of people lost many many shares to this
  3. 3 Stooges: Ive been being told for over two years now that (1)
  4. misiu143: OHM20 , sorry , I just noticed your post . Yes ,
  5. trailrunner: Sure hope this continues because I took a huge
  6. Jumperfish: I anyone can help me find an older interactive
  7. jhnywlkrblck: Wasn't talking about anyone specifically, but I
  8. Mauibound: Here are two KW's.
  9. Mauibound: This isn't the mug / iheart one, but if the newer
  10. 3 Stooges: You know on second thought 80 million simoleons

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