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  1. PoemStone: $CASI (correction) going up on the bottom
  2. StanleyK: Congress is set to legalize hemp Move would
  3. StanleyK: Hemp, Inc. One Year Milestone as Company Expands
  4. Golfguy1ar: Contact email for phone information below.
  5. Golfguy1ar: 3rd phone is Dimension Pro
  6. mathew633: an immediate canned reply! Thank you (1)
  7. The Brit: I am advised that they will be available for (4)
  8. gimli: ...... and guess who's commenting on Mark Cuban
  9. Stumpman: Yep looks like we have some fake news and fake (2)
  10. Pozzy: LoL.... I find the discussion about the phone in (2)

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