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  1. copytele: Fake police/emt.
  2. Bixellou: We all love Dr Bruce working with us and what he (5)
  3. blafarm: Does anyone know if the information in these
  4. CDiddy: I could be wrong, but I would think owning your
  5. ClosetInvestor: “sure but imo it is belittling to him to call (2)
  6. gbonation: sure but imo it is belittling to him to call him
  7. PTM1: The labs don't show the clinical status of the
  8. blafarm: I had a feeling I did not articulate that (1)
  9. ClosetInvestor: “he is not a researcher he is a MD pathologist (1)
  10. Rubraquercus: Why the mild/moderate trial wins big...the (2)

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