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  1. KUBA75: I don't really care about Kardashians or their (2)
  2. misiu143: --3rd patient was injected January 2 or 3 --4rd
  3. ClosetInvestor: The 23rd seems too early for data from the 3rd
  4. ClosetInvestor: If that’s the fact, then the first readout
  5. ClosetInvestor: How else do you think the Kardashians got where
  6. craigakess: Don't think what works like that? With the
  7. CDiddy: I thought 4th patient was on Jan 2, ND 3rd was
  8. KUBA75: We have to start somewhere and from what I am
  9. CDiddy: Thank you Misiu. Hopefully our list stays short! (1)
  10. misiu143: CDiddy - Yes , a lot of very serious side

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