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  1. Riztheinvestor: Glad I read this before I posted something (1)
  2. nothingspecial: LMAO! And so happy that what you describe is (2)
  3. JLang: I'm coming down on the side that this order has (1)
  4. oMandarin: I must politely object. Any companies first big (2)
  5. JLang: Nobody knows what LLMab does outside of binding (1)
  6. Riztheinvestor: I hate to agree with you but I will also vote
  7. calstang: Dear Mrs Covid Widow Your husband who died of (6)
  8. calstang: I don't remember that the comment from Nader was
  9. enemyofpluto: I think Nader would be so eager to spread the (3)
  10. CDiddy: Agreed. I mean, he can't wait to tell us about (5)

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