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  1. Steel Reserve: Call me an idiot. You gooftard. (1)
  2. dalaka: People are increasingly choosing to buy villas in
  3. ABetterPerson: Hey pumpers on this board, there are at least (1)
  4. Ulf53: The new Fox show is huge for AITX. The AITX and
  5. sean007: "God help me if i'm wrong"...He/She won't... Just (1)
  6. Steel Reserve: Budweiser Frogs Current Day She's a dude. (1)
  7. AlexandroGomes: Good afternoon, my friends. I am very interested
  8. ikariajuice: Ikaria Lean Body Juice - Studies have linked one
  9. Hulk767: you make an excellent point that i failed to (4)
  10. znewcar1: Check out $MARA started the year @ $3 and now