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  1. JmcII: Why were our trial parameters set at 390 forSC (1)
  2. ClosetInvestor: “The saving grace is we will have data proving (5)
  3. CDiddy: Because of our safety profile (1)
  4. Shelly2626: That Dr on Tucker Crlson fox tonight said the (2)
  5. Cassandra X: Good observation I should have but didn't think
  6. buy4fun: What part of the tweet do you not understand
  7. ohm20: The saving grace is we will have data proving (3)
  8. JmcII: So they slow played us stopping our EIND which (1)
  9. JmcII: That would be great If we can get their
  10. Borel Fields: True, safety first. Then, how big an effect are

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