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  1. Jake2212: chuckles: Indeed, the federal lawsuit appears to (25)
  2. MarcS: My how fast that went from only one or two to (5)
  3. RTB: Thanks for this analysis Jake. It is clear where (3)
  4. JLang: CytoDyn wanted 13D to comply with the bylaws (and (5)
  5. Jake2212: RTB: Neither side "won." That's the nature of a (12)
  6. Goosebumps: Tell me it isn’t true… that this is a 13d (1)
  7. aidenb: Quote: . welcome back to $2! That damn Ken (2)
  8. RTB: Hey Riz! 13d is dead. It was killed in the last (3)
  9. Drano: RTB said "it is Dr. P and I am a fan..." Sure. (10)
  10. henry f: Drano nailed it. (1)

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