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  1. ohm20: You can't narrow it down by time frame on
  2. ohm20: I hear the arguments that BIOMM is legit, but do (2)
  3. CDiddy: Thank you. Good point about the number of sites.
  4. Evil Rabbit: How many trial sites were there in CD12? And
  5. ohm20: I think for interim severe could be done by the
  6. CDiddy: I could see that happening. I can't wait for (1)
  7. LaundryMoney: Not here to call people names. Did I stereotype (3)
  8. ohm20: Saw nothing but funneling money back into their (2)
  9. united4ever: Attorney letter was posted Sept 14th. Must be (4)
  10. ohm20: From SEC filing today - As previously disclosed (7)

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