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  1. liquidmoney: After an RS, don't worry about your share count (3)
  2. biggestjimmy: If you paid 10 cents a share you have been (12)
  3. Packrat: My initial investment was probably when it was (3)
  4. biggestjimmy: I call TD Ameritrade and they told me that they (1)
  5. nFUSZmywallet21: I agree next one will be much more telling. (4)
  6. adirondackhi: Hahaha! Etrade too! Damn, my bigger, slower 401k (5)
  7. stopherman: SHOCKING It's shocking to me how many "investors" (5)
  8. Packrat: Let me get this straight because I had 5K shares
  9. Mike3rose: I have 2100 shares of RMHB so what happens to my
  10. bjd: There is a Big spread on L2 . there was one trade (2)

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