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  1. MGK_2: I want to make clear, that this audit is not a (6)
  2. Riztheinvestor: Dam. This is a very good point. Good work MGK
  3. Cassandra X: "I hope we get compensated for Amarex screw ups (1)
  4. Evil Rabbit: Word on the street is that LH is an almost (3)
  5. MGK_2: Cyrus Arman at near 12:00: With regard to the (8)
  6. chazzledazzle: “Then I had to click on it. For your
  7. Figgs: So here's where we are and what will happen. (1)
  8. AeroDude: I liked the tone of the new President and the (3)
  9. Figgs: Gilead is pushing Remdesivir for Long Haulers, (2)
  10. Cycl2R: Probably better to focus on what we *can* prove