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  1. smurph: from YB "My takes as a doctor working in ICU (2)
  2. ohm20: BLA filing Q2 2021. For Gilead I'm guessing
  3. ohm20: After reading through the entire paper and having (3)
  4. mikeyt1818: WALMART?? Could still be a partner: (3)
  5. havasu78: I think its good, too, but the technojive is
  6. havasu78: So does the patient illness even further delay
  7. Riztheinvestor: Great post
  8. smurph: Gilead's #1 HIV went off patent last year, and, (1)
  9. ToTheMoonAlice: I originally bought into this baby for HIV, as (3)
  10. Evil Rabbit: If anyone's up late, you can watch this MTV (1)

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