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  1. jrt03: Did someone call for cleanup on aisle 4.? Here (6)
  2. ohm20: All of you ungrateful shareholders should be (20)
  3. Niederwalluf: fox news interview (6)
  4. crazyjogger925: np said receiving 300,000 vials this month and (2)
  5. penniestodimes: "Don't change anything"...that speaks volumes for (7)
  6. peacekat: Best call EVER. Went into it in a foul mood and (11)
  7. CTMedic: Crazy, I believe they have the leronlimab (3)
  8. TechGuru: So, this is the news we were expecting. Main (24)
  9. Carsmax177: IMO seems like NP is getting more press in (3)
  10. swordman: NP did NOT answer why he did NOT submit combo BLA

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