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  1. Shelly2626: Definitely agree with that !!! Lets keep the
  2. Cycl2R: And I say that no Faucis and Gileads in the world (1)
  3. mikeyt1818: Part of Euromed PR from June 12 2019 (emphasis (3)
  4. DJknows: Great seeing yet more press on our CytoDyn and
  5. craigakess: Here's why I am going with NO on your idea of why (1)
  6. SouthernGold: Interesting Studies on Hydroxychloroquine (2)
  7. crazyjogger925: i wonder what kind of pr we get tomorrow?lets
  8. Evilrbt: (2)
  9. CDiddy: I really don't think BP is trying to squeeze us
  10. sunclouds: Hard to believe If you had. Lot of money and

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