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  1. CDiddy: Y'all know I have COD. Cydy Obsessive Disorder. (2)
  2. CyberC: Mark Kay and the entire team did an awesome job (2)
  3. grow: Your computations might want to see this. Minimum (1)
  4. craigakess: CDiddy: Thanks for the sentiment ("heroes") but
  5. CyberC: Breach Notification , Cybercrime , Fraud
  6. Evilrbt: There are exactly 6 WEEKS left in 2019. (2)
  7. RDY2ROCK: We know the license agreement between $SFOR and (1)
  8. jettyjams: I had a feeling FitWhey was going to be a (1)
  9. j75204: Read further, Jetty. They have always planned to (5)
  10. Chiro2019: We have given mark and the team. Shit day in and (3)

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