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  1. RTB: Strong post!
  2. calstang: Nader seemed different tonight, confused, (3)
  3. RTB: Can you please, just once, create a paragraph? (2)
  4. RTB: Damn, for a soft basher, public enemy #1 and all (1)
  5. ClosetInvestor: “But the FDA may still give EUA. I don't think (1)
  6. onestepahead: Really your so upset? That revenue may come in (2)
  7. IndexGuy: This writing of today's double PR mess was on the (5)
  8. CDiddy: I'll probably catch some flak for this. But I (2)
  9. Cassandra X: Nader isn't dealing with Woodcock, he's dealing (5)
  10. Riztheinvestor: It’s like everyone forgot about Nash, HIV and (1)

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