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  1. armyseal: Really you called me a flipper... prove it or
  2. ohm20: Was he suggesting that if we measured the (6)
  3. ohm20: Shareholders votes are the only thing that (2)
  4. swordman: Dr Gaylis video --followup from news channel (15)
  5. wrenchman: NEW TWEET BOOOOOOOOOM! Haha funny thing is I told (13)
  6. wrenchman: Doc did a well deserved shout out to Mikey too (23)
  7. CDiddy: Good stuff. Thank you! (2)
  8. brentie: Dr. Gaylis video: (3)
  9. Riztheinvestor: Great comment. So true he sounded really
  10. mikeyt1818: We do not know for sure if he announces uplist (14)

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