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  1. trding: SA question: Question: What advantages do you see (3)
  2. Almost A Myth: 399,993 to 7. What a ratio that is. You know the
  3. craigakess: My bad! I was making a joke. Trump is in Los
  4. trding: Welcome to the board LACYDY. If the financing is (1)
  5. I_luv_cydy: Hey Craig....Chump is in L.A.?
  6. sjacobs26: Yes I agree NP owns this regardless who is
  7. RDY2ROCK: When ever I have mentioned McAfee deal to Mr. Kay (4)
  8. RDY2ROCK: I thought this McAfee news release very (2)
  9. pdbcm11: Who are letting go of shares at these prices??? I (1)
  10. armyseal: Lol just a pimple on my UNVC ass gone soon

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