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  1. lorbas: Cytodynamite is the same as bcgk (and Giselle007, (11)
  2. mikeyt1818: Awesome Tweet. JHB knows what is coming! (11)
  3. lorbas: CytoDyn Appoints Alan Timmins as New Independent (7)
  4. ohm20: One of the necessary steps to a NASDAQ (4)
  5. misiu143: I don't know what will happen with this research (2)
  6. Investor91: I predict some sort of PR tomorrow either before (1)
  7. Watching_CYDY: Well....this probably has something to do with it (2)
  8. SouthernGold: Yep, previous COO of a NASDAQ company sitting (2)
  9. misiu143: I am not sure if Mr Klump did much here. My
  10. LaundryMoney: Too bad Klump had to step down. At least he

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