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  1. Figgs: Totally agree, and at this point unless there is (1)
  2. Enjay: Rep. Katie Porter wrote a letter on July 6, 2021 (6)
  3. Dolomite: JPMorgan's health business makes first investment
  4. cardamine: Vera is kind of the polar opposite of what Doc is
  5. BudLightyr: Here ya go!! #Confidence (15)
  6. Ka Ching: Did I forget to tell you about the 2 steaks that
  7. crashc: Sure looks like they wanted to keep in at 1.40 or (2)
  8. BudLightyr: By his post there... He anticipated Current one (5)
  9. mikeyt1818: Seems we are past the slight delay and back to (5)
  10. Dolomite: Thanks for sharing the Doc’s response with (1)

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