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  1. Evil Rabbit: Amarex’s response to the suit is new. Nader’s
  2. chuckles759: You can still change your vote.... Vote by (1)
  3. FKAdamF.: If that is true then I am wrong for assuming they
  4. Evil Rabbit: With the Amarex lawsuit and Nader’s emails
  5. WUM: interesting reading: (3)
  6. onestepahead: Already all baked in 5 timed over cooked. If we (1)
  7. LVgliders: Absolutely not. He needs 35 to 50 million (3)
  8. onestepahead: Thats all in the past. Can you not move on from (1)
  9. FKAdamF.: Well said !!! Very true and to the point. Reward (2)
  10. buy4fun: Shares Short now is 68,816 as of 10/15/2021 Up (1)

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