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  1. nmbr1stckpckr: Wtf.... seriously? They're stupidity is on full (1)
  2. calstang: Short volume Friday was the highest of the month (3)
  3. MarcS: I think the FDA wants the glory and that's why (6)
  4. clambottler: US SEC "Restricted" Securities: Removing the (4)
  5. ohm20: Unfortunately you haven't shorted shares in CYDY. (9)
  6. clambottler: Paralegal Job Reference:237516631-2 Date (3)
  7. ohm20: The big unknown is what deal we have with (1)
  8. ohm20: I try to help people out to discover information (6)
  9. onestepahead: I think that’s way to conservative $15-$20 (2)
  10. ohm20: I've always thought it would settle out to (4)

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