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  1. sjacobs26: As crazy as it is, possibly. I’ll defer to the (2)
  2. Remote: Any chance Leronlimab works on
  3. MJplay2018: Yes corect you are /sir. 9 yeers long storm must (3)
  4. BudLightyr: Doc said we are good...we are good. I could
  5. MJplay2018: We all must to respekt moderaters. they supose (3)
  6. CyberC: Dave The Human Error or as he is more commonly
  7. CyberC: Posted on Twitter: Peter Schiff@PeterSchiff
  8. Buildit: Well, I'm certainly glad to hear that. But if we
  9. SeeWhyDY: ??? But that article was published Jan 19
  10. sjacobs26: He’s probably just trying to setup his next (6)

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