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  1. mikeyt1818: Oh the lifelong remorse that these buffoons will (6)
  2. Albert364: A mullet is a haircut that is characterised by
  3. sean007: I feel there is a little "Playhouse 90" going (1)
  4. Drano: Well that’s provably untrue. I guess having a (3)
  5. sean007: It's going to happen...the fuse has been lit... (1)
  6. Evil Rabbit: someone on this board is happy I’ll be really (1)
  7. sean007: Did someone say "fountain of youth"...NO...of (1)
  8. sean007: Turds in arms. (1)
  9. sean007: Thanks Drano...for making that provably (1)
  10. sean007: HAD to do it...another 30,000 plus (1)