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  1. craigakess: It's not any new opportunity for CYDY, because of
  2. Almost A Myth: Nobody can answer that question for somebody (2)
  3. CDiddy: Interesting that they created a promo video for
  4. Norwegian Rooster: In life, you have to drive, or be driven. If you (2)
  5. armyseal: Yes it did (2)
  6. Norwegian Rooster: Spot on! (1)
  7. jim50: CMA Gapped up +0.06 $CMA Last Price 61.84 Day
  8. jim50: CMA Gapped up +0.57 $CMA Last Price 63.75 Day
  9. buy4fun: If and/or when the question needs an answer - an (2)
  10. chessmaster: RED CHIP VIDEO -

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