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  1. FBCoach18: Don't know if this was posted? Now that Florida (1)
  2. nmbr1stckpckr: There's been nothing to post about which is why (2)
  3. Respert24: They seem very ready to pull the deal on (1)
  4. gbonation: wow the price is getting really cheap, with HIV
  5. ClosetInvestor: “I don’t know how that actually affects the
  6. Respert24: It's weird because I really, really want to post (7)
  7. Lee Ron Lemab: As you know I do not know you but if I had to
  8. mikeyt1818: Univec Conglomerate Inc and Bioremedies are about (5)
  9. MarcS: Once again, the article had a fake headline of
  10. ClosetInvestor: “Perhaps Guinness World Record folks are just (3)

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