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  1. CDiddy: Easy friend. No need to so blunt. We all have our (6)
  2. cardamine: overreact much? Crying? penny flippers (4)
  3. ClosetInvestor: “Listen up: Nader is not responsible for AF, (4)
  4. JLang: AF will ALWAYS have "a few hours to create a BS (2)
  5. SAF: I essentially agree. It really comes down to your (5)
  6. JLang: Now we have those crying over the TIMING of the (8)
  7. JLang: You are wrong. Yes, AF and others will short the (4)
  8. SumDudeOnline: Maybe we can get Frank Caliendo (sp?) to do the (1)
  9. SeeWhyDY: So you’d prefer to give someone like AF a few (1)
  10. Shelly2626: I don't think we should be assuming that shorts (1)

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