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  1. buy4fun: LVgliders are you saying that the Acquisition of
  2. All Good: Doc is a public person !!! Many years in business (1)
  3. LVgliders: Just sell and move on, or just wait it out like (1)
  4. LVgliders: I don't feel my time is being wasted. I didn't
  5. All Good: Civic bird the whole board is disappointed in doc (1)
  6. crazyjogger925: dr d is a cool read always optimistic and seems
  7. Chiro2019: I have my opinions and theory and it's time I (5)
  8. Chiro2019: He has one public company and many of his other
  9. USS JOHNSTON: I hope I'm wrong - and so does my 401k - but i do (4)
  10. LVgliders: What? Zero idea of what Doc is doing. Go back and (1)