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  1. mikeyt1818: Most longs remember this chat I had with Doc in (8)
  2. LVgliders: Our outstanding shares as of the last OTC (2)
  4. Norwegian Rooster: I was looking at the #s on the ETrade search. Not
  5. mikeyt1818: Rite Aid is going to be an integral part of our (6)
  6. LVgliders: Absolutely Mikey, that is on top of just the (1)
  7. jjsmith77: EOS M290 with PrintRite3D
  8. Norwegian Rooster: Not to question your math, but isn't there only (1)
  9. BigTradeEpstein: Bullish call and great analysis of HEXO
  10. Civicbird76: Another piece of the UNVC puzzle. Nice, mikey!!! (2)

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