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  1. LongPennyPincher: Haha even I laughed at this. But he who laughs
  2. pnwtri: Lol. Touché
  3. FullTilt: Sleeplessness!
  4. LaundryMoney: The only side affects I know of for leronlimab (4)
  5. Zuess421: soon very soon
  6. chessmaster: major opportunity in this stock. No one believes (3)
  7. pnwtri: Just saw a commercial for Dovato....a 2-drug (1)
  8. SeeWhyDY: LOL.... So True
  9. Almost A Myth: I think I'd need a whole bag of salt to believe a
  10. Civicbird76: Amazing how my posts got deleted, but Cheetah's

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