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  1. DJknows: As I just wrote to someone via PM, I truly (5)
  2. crazyjogger925: philippines aint budging on the treatment for
  3. Common sense: Nope.. no change .. there seems to be a different (1)
  4. CTMedic: Maybe today is the day the critical covid trials (6)
  5. AngryMan: From YMB: Sorry been a hectic 2 months, I’m (7)
  6. ohm20: Laura Loomer has Covid, one of the few times I (6)
  7. toodles: Guess who had a exhibit at the worlds largest (9)
  8. Goosebumps: Philippines meeting was tonight. Anyone care to (2)
  9. ohm20: The headline claim - 30,305 people died within 21 (2)
  10. Justalong: Guess we will find out next week. There’s (3)

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