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  1. ClosetInvestor: Say what you want, but it’s a fact. Dr. Been (1)
  2. CDiddy: I mean no disrespect. The fact is that you are (1)
  3. Borel Fields: Sorry, Closetshort, or should call you (4)
  4. invisioner: I took it to mean "was it blocked by Big Pharma?" (1)
  5. cardamine: Yes, please back up your claim or it's (1)
  6. ClosetInvestor: The poster is not anonymous to me. I know this
  7. Average_Joe: Do tell. I'd
  8. CDiddy: If it doesn't matter, then why are we still (1)
  9. Ganesha: When you say NP was involved in blocking Dr. BP's (1)
  10. CDiddy: It's a valid concern. I am worried that we will (1)

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