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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes, I believe we are 100% day to day. The (15)
  2. crazyjogger925: i believe well over 300 people in the philippines
  3. rodolfo: @ $25 you might also go quietly into pension (1)
  4. crazyjogger925: last four hours google trends number 1 search for
  5. SeeWhyDY: Since Philippines has shut us out but saved some (4)
  6. cardamine: Right, Knight was who I was thinking of...guess
  7. AeroDude: What is so sad about our current situation, is
  8. mikeyt1818: So much has been revealed over the last several (10)
  9. Mr-Me2: I believe he is hard at work as well, my (3)
  10. chazzledazzle: I also remember all of this basically began