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  1. enemyofpluto: Great news! I predict we'll open at $1.50. (1)
  2. Dr.Acula: Hold my drink- $.99 (2)
  3. ClosetInvestor: Now this is a solid PR! (5)
  4. Dr.Acula: It’s Showtime https://yout
  5. enemyofpluto: Hope we're not being too optimistic. (1)
  6. KCRoyal2004: i believe around 7 months
  7. MarcS: Have you read the Form 4's? Apparently not. Read (1)
  8. MarcS: After the FDA Remdesivir fiasco last week, the UK (7)
  9. blafarm: I have to believe the Mono label expansion path (2)
  10. crazyjogger925: mhra probably read these LL results

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