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  1. ClosetInvestor: I expect this to happen after we uplist, and
  2. buy4fun: EuroMed Therapeutics is building the ninth
  3. sjacobs26: I think Trding posted it here some time ago, but
  4. aidenb: What am expecting to happen in the very next few
  5. Zuess421: As of right now that is close to what I could
  6. smlf: I am in the process of filing a patent on the use (1)
  7. farrell: Thanks for your insight. Interesting week ahead.
  8. aidenb: I was expecting a BO offer as of a month ago or 2 (3)
  9. tinytoes51: Yoeri Geutskens of the UHD Forum believes there (2)
  10. LaundryMoney: I don't disagree that CYDY is worth more than the

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