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  1. Goosebumps: I think Craigakess is great and he isn’t (1)
  2. craigakess: If there was anything that proves India is in
  3. sjacobs26: I was here and even nabbed a few in the $.27s, (1)
  4. PTM1: I think I now understand the board issue Dr SK (1)
  5. PTM1: Yes it was poor judgement on her part. Coming (1)
  6. ClosetInvestor: “CLoset beating up Misiu on Ihub for her Missed (3)
  7. NuGilead: Nothing against baseball, but too many here (not
  8. VegasorBust: Craig has been here since I started following (5)
  9. Mhill: 100% agreed, yet his posts stay
  10. sean007: Ralph Nader...(makes you wonder) the son of

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