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  1. StanleyK: USGlobal Airways Welcoming Ambassador Siegel (16)
  2. WinstonNC: Taber you're right to be skeptical. The 21M won't (10)
  3. 2015invest: Wrong, UF 3.0 is already fine. He just wants to (16)
  4. vegasandre: Just posted on RMHB FB page: ??ALL ACTIVE (7)
  5. mac: filings in, soon going current. NNSR low float dd
  6. GrandPuba: Beaz, soft bashing and airing frustration are not (9)
  7. Zadie: Thanks GP for your input. Some people in this (5)
  8. Waspatriot: Quote" By the way what the word imminent means." (8)
  9. jester: Something isn't right with the pps but I can't (4)
  10. iToby1: Another great addition! (4)

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