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  1. ohm20: 5% to Lantheus (buying Progenics was the smartest (1)
  2. Goosebumps: No president should have that F Employee power. (10)
  3. sjacobs26: While I agree that continuity and some positions (2)
  4. Shelly2626: Thx Ohm !!! Maybe abbvie will jump someday
  5. Riztheinvestor: Well this could be good for us. By by Dr Fauci...
  6. jeff67: They have some cash but have a huge debt load
  7. Riztheinvestor: Agree and I think there’s much more than just
  8. Shelly2626: Doesn't abbvie already get a piece of (2)
  9. Riztheinvestor: I like what you said but science isn’t always (1)
  10. ohm20: Thanks for the paper! I've ran into IL-33 before (2)

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