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  1. TraderJoe_80: Univec Conglomerate Inc. UNVC LOTS OF PIECES (10)
  2. mikeyt1818: Doc keeps making announcements as of late. Smart (12)
  3. ohm20: Quotes are from the linked paper. Since (13)
  4. ClosetInvestor: Say what you want, but it’s a fact. Dr. Been (4)
  5. ClosetInvestor: The poster is not anonymous to me. I know this (2)
  6. trding: I am looking forward to next Thursday. We get the (8)
  7. gestalt2: Another possibility, is that BP went into too (3)
  8. akp0201: Post from SA: Bradykinin does not explain MODS in (1)
  9. mikeyt1818: Global! And that is why I have been saying for (12)
  10. CDiddy: If it doesn't matter, then why are we still (5)

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