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  1. LegendayGoat: who ever sold me those shares at 0.096 at open (11)
  2. docj: I have my popcorn and will sit back watching the
  3. wrenchman: Gm all after some major personal reflection of my (16)
  4. DJknows: Indeed so very sad... and that a "miracle" (2)
  5. Plotinus: Another story while we wait…but sadly some (5)
  6. BUMPERCARS: oh btw I was just reviewing the chart...based on (13)
  7. wrenchman: Here is PR and screenshot with it all layed out (11)
  8. wrenchman: They did a great job hiding it while being built (14)
  9. MGK_2: This is a perfect reply to your post: Look under
  10. mikeyt1818: I believe that we are invested in what is about (20)