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  1. LegendayGoat: who ever sold me those shares at 0.096 at open (11)
  2. Enjay: Here is an article dated 12/1/22 titled: World (17)
  3. Steel Reserve: lol I seen it months ago. Idkwtf going on.
  4. Steel Reserve: No way are they ever going to make me wear a face (5)
  5. HHIGambler: For the mods, TRUTH is a new basher who created (16)
  6. BUMPERCARS: oh btw I was just reviewing the chart...based on (12)
  7. MGK_2: How did I know you would do this Chazzle? (1)
  8. Werner: So ´´´TRUTHS ´´´ with all due respect, when (1)
  9. PZ2004: Been a min gentlemen. Been workin a lot on (4)
  10. Evil Rabbit: If you want to write long essays about stuff 99% (13)