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  1. redspeed: You are right. It said "intend" not "will". They (6)
  2. Gomie: Looks like NASDAQ tomorrow with public offering
  3. adirondackhi: Bashers and the "concerned" minority continue to (16)
  4. manfromjax: Correct! Until the close of the market on March (3)
  5. moparfan: Nope. It was clear. They removed it so no
  6. redspeed: You want to know how many revised S1 other (11)
  7. Hate Liars: JACKPOT!!! Strikeforce has hit life-changing (14)
  8. jcr53: "ALERT!" I agree patches 100 percent, the problem (13)
  9. nFUSZmywallet21: It didn’t say hey everyone we are definitely (6)
  10. zpaul: Some peeps are raising $ to meet the $0.25

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