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  1. Protostar: Any sellers will be surprised plus have sellers (1)
  2. mikeyt1818: Many do not realize the importance of Doc being (11)
  3. aidenb: From the title itself, I read that this should be
  4. TraderJoe_80: Exciting times. For anyone new to watching this (12)
  5. richievortan: I buy using Etrade and am good at it since I call (4)
  6. aidenb: Your are absolutely correct. I had to listen
  7. vinsterr: Another rumor about UNVC, from that site, maybe (3)
  8. kingofsting: Hey Guys, this is the email I received from
  9. Evilrbt: Trading, did the latest PR show up on iHub’s
  10. mikeyt1818: I keep saying from 008 or 018 it will not matter (6)

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