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  1. The Lieutenant: Perfect timing. Right places at the right times. (6)
  2. The Lieutenant: I can speak on behalf of just under 1.4 billion (7)
  3. Roger Wilco: This is absolutely HUGE NEWS that an AWARD (9)
  4. Wilma6311: $BVTK CEO contacted $SFOR yesterday. For anyone (3)
  5. Jerseyfish: RMHB - Rocky Mountain High feeling excited. We're (3)
  6. dadon_111: Gotta say - we've got some weak shareholders here (13)
  7. Sitting Bull: NTGLs seems parked for the moment and I'd bet (3)
  8. Roger Wilco: Gerry David impresses me as a very intelligent (8)
  9. SilentPartner: The new news is huge - someone thinks that NTEK (8)
  10. FinAnalyst: (1)

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