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  1. Civicbird76: Nice, mikey. Was that statement from Dalton just
  2. TechGuru: nmbr1stckpckr, I am as anxious as you are in (8)
  3. newbish: I am sorry to report that Sarah Gray has died. I (5)
  4. TechGuru: One the best take-aways of yesterdays CC was the (8)
  5. blafarm: I have listened to the call multiple times. What (1)
  6. Sunny3999: My CC summary: A major concern of Dr. Pourhassan (6)
  7. Longestyard: Just saw this in my news feed
  8. Coocooburra: I'm reading that the short attack in Germany (2)
  9. blafarm: CDiddy, Nice job, very logical, makes complete (1)
  10. lorbas: Because some German morons who bought in Monday (1)

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