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  1. redspeed: Q: Wait, so Rory's disappeared? A: He was in (1)
  2. toxzl2: That is what I meant Vasco International was out (1)
  3. Commando911: Good things happening in my neck of the woods...
  4. Steel Reserve: "The it thing I have for support my claims are.."
  5. copytele: Birdy has been following me around / trump
  6. PennyStocksGuru: I am definitely excited about the potential here.
  7. The X: Jason on LinkedIn. LMAO... Chris Kramer
  8. danrocks: LLIT is number 30 for the largest percentage gain
  9. PredatorX: The concern should be focused on production cost. (1)
  10. jonny_red32: $FUSZ Chart & Video DD Update 6.18.2018, as of (4)

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