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  1. armyseal: Really you called me a flipper... prove it or
  2. junebug: My question is Doc replied "yes" when asked would (19)
  3. Number1Stocker: You just BLEW MY MIND!! Excellent points! I have
  4. JLang: "Until now".. ridiculous. Real virologists and
  5. smurph: It only makes sense that what goes around comes (2)
  6. nmbr1stckpckr: Sounds like the scientists doctors around LL have
  7. havasu78: i am not exactly sure what MDV and TechCm are (3)
  8. grow: At the bottom this news piece from Tuesday said
  9. grow: Some CYDY notes from the recent CC on April 7, (35)
  10. grow: CYDY notes from the recent CC on March 22, 2021 (36)

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