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  1. jcr53: There were a lot of great post today , the one (3)
  2. gaffad: My TD Ameritrade account says VERB under the (1)
  3. john1234: i am still here i am looking for some shares that
  4. 3 Stooges: Ok, I'll play along. So lets say SWS goes public (4)
  5. ruboli16: No way this happens before a R/S. They’ll R/S (2)
  6. Billman: Not selling 1 share, but bottom line is we were (2)
  7. Tahoebound: Before everyone gets too excited about the 1 (2)
  8. bjd: BobRomo, absolutely excellent post! I just got (4)
  9. bjd: just for the halibut, here is where you are (7)
  10. Sully79: I get that part of it. I just wasn't sure about

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