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  1. Enjay: Someone posted this on the Facebook CytoDyn (5)
  2. sean007: The ONLY chance for any FDA EUA/Approval is when (4)
  3. MarcS: Mucormycosis: The 'black fungus' maiming Covid (5)
  4. smurph: If IVM, then surely LL IVERMECTIN Is the
  5. CDiddy: Those are the million (or billion) dollar
  6. Cassandra X: Did people see the story last night on ABC about (5)
  7. enemyofpluto: I looked around for successful lawsuits vs. Fda (2)
  8. Riztheinvestor: Is absolutely absurd we even have to have a (3)
  9. Riztheinvestor: Agree with this. I guess I’m just more
  10. KenChowder: Enjay, I'm not sure what you are suggesting for (1)

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