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  1. Fumbler: Here's an update to that case. Dr. Yo became
  2. Sunny3999: Einstein University report: A Promising Drug for
  3. DJknows: Yes exactly why they're likely doing it then...
  4. Bixellou: OTC stocks typically are not halted. Who Can
  5. Joja: Doesn't trading end at 4:00 Eastern time daily?
  6. otcaddict: They probably are too busy during the day and
  7. Riztheinvestor: The FDA has to know about Mexico right. I mean (2)
  8. oMandarin: You are so way off it is silly. You are not even (4)
  9. blafarm: oMandarin, Thank you for your offensive post, it (1)
  10. DJknows: Let's hope it's big enough news that doing a CC

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