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  1. Wharfrat: Good news, I had the pleasure of speaking with (39)
  2. chazzledazzle: You’re welcome.
  3. chazzledazzle: “an anesthesiologist with the California
  4. Drano: “ The $415 diagnostic test has been used by
  5. Drano: Patterson strikes again, pushing Maraviroc. We
  6. AeroDude: Thanks for the clarification Chazzle.
  7. Wall $treet Kid: Sure looked like and Options sweep today All the
  8. Drano: It’s clearly a firing, with that “agreed to (2)
  9. chazzledazzle: “It’s clearly a firing,…” I’m not
  10. chazzledazzle: I’m assuming from response to HH’s post that (2)