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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes, and now we know we are so close, between (10)
  2. Kgem: Richievortan, I believe UNVC will up-list. (5)
  3. MLR_Lite: I'm down less than that in 1 account and more (11)
  4. Rancon56: Only down $31,350.00 today-guess it's that "big
  5. Bhawks: There was a time ... There was a time when I
  6. PSU77: CDC Philippines is not what you think. I agree (5)
  7. junebug: Only down $31,350.00 today-guess it's that "big (12)
  8. TonyCorvette: $CYDY ICYMI (6)
  9. Goosebumps: I will be voting YES across the board for the (15)
  10. idig: Good Morning All. SFL I think you might be (8)

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