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  1. Zadie: Hey hawk - everyday your media, CNN, MSNBC and (3)
  2. Zadie: hey idiot. I am not fan of Alex jones never (1)
  3. KenChowder: Chazzle wrote: And the formulae of insulin are (13)
  4. Respert24: That’s a great family connections story. I have (8)
  5. Drano: Yes, insulin should be cheap. It is, in Canada. (2)
  6. Kevin0461: How many times can these idiots play the
  7. kabonk: Hahaha, a rhetorical question. For sure! No real
  8. Drano: It is very common for companies to put news out (1)
  9. Evil Rabbit: True investors are wise to it… Sadly, the herd
  10. chazzledazzle: And the formulae of insulin are over 100 years