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  1. FKAdamF.: I reached out to Nader about this Sec snd DOJ (25)
  2. skezan: Anyone else worried about this? Securities and (1)
  3. crazyjogger925: from ihub re 13d Snippet 1 from Cytodyn (8)
  4. Cycl2R: CytoDyn says it’s under federal investigation (1)
  5. ohm20: not really (4)
  6. cardamine: My first buys are just turned longterm...wish I'd (4)
  7. generactor: It has to be worrisome for management. Nader has (3)
  8. apoptree: This section in the 10-K came just after the June (1)
  9. crazyjogger925: the way iam viewing this present situation of (2)
  10. JLang: I'm curious to see what the SEC's conclusion

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