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  1. junebug: My question is Doc replied "yes" when asked would (18)
  2. calstang: President Estrada...... Hey, even without the (4)
  3. fsoalex: according to the Manila Times in an article
  4. henry f: The physician’s comments about legally (14)
  5. KenChowder: FsoAlex wrote, If you'd just read some of the (4)
  6. KenChowder: FsoAlex wrote: "although you first write (4)
  7. sean007: According to Estrada's son they have held stock (2)
  8. Respert24: If I’m not mistaken it was the woman asking if (9)
  9. brentie: Erap in high spirits – Jinggoy (2)
  10. fsoalex: although you first write “Fsoalex wrote,”

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