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  1. mikeyt1818: It is most likely going to be AH Friday imho. (5)
  2. craigakess: Dr.: Well that was a non-event of a post, thanks. (5)
  3. Angus: STRIKEFORCE reply: Replying to @PenniesSeven and (4)
  4. MLR_Lite: I would not mind it starting this weekend! Hope (5)
  5. Searching4Rainbow: Can I ask a basic question? When they say there
  6. stebfish: That's a massively loaded tweet. "No change in (7)
  7. lorbas: Doctor Jerloff, Doctor Jerloff, to the emergency (2)
  8. cphillips82: I like that response MK! (2)
  9. zpaul: Peeps should read the SEC (2)
  10. Hulk767: Ha! That was great. You just crushed that (1)

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