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  1. smach: I agree and will add with a quarter of people in (1)
  2. Dr.Acula: It’s Showtime https://yout
  3. ohm20: " But everything Leronlimab can do , Maraviroc (6)
  4. crazyjogger925: mhra probably read these LL results
  5. smurph: That was quick. Just came out, 12:49am, October (2)
  6. ohm20: Dr. Patterson and Dr. Yogendra are not (1)
  7. enemyofpluto: Great news! I predict we'll open at $1.50. (1)
  8. onestepahead: Cytodyn prob just got the green light to mass (2)
  9. ohm20: Change that question to "Could Eli Lilly Buy CYDY (1)
  10. KCRoyal2004: i believe around 7 months

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