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  1. Lightning1: I was going to post, but amazingly I've got (7)
  2. Natural Treasures: It's really not that amazing that you've got (2)
  3. Chasing Stars: Getting started on Investors Hangout. Are you (12)
  4. NoSpinZone: I'm not bashing. Stop being a bully. Your (1)
  5. Natural Treasures: Thanks for proving my point sparky. Never claimed (1)
  6. SHEEPWOLF: $SIGO has made one heck of a move .13-1.64 in the
  7. Thundersteel_03: My last responce to this. But again, delaying (3)
  8. makebucks: TXHD Last trade .0005. Ready to run:
  9. SHEEPWOLF: Viaderma Inc (OTC:VDRM) is taking the asian
  10. BlackSheep: That's because no one knows. It's giving them a (2)

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