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  1. mikeyt1818: Shareholder value and financial freedom is on its (10)
  2. BFG BadMutha: Once we break .03, none of us, even the oldest of (9)
  3. Dody: $GMGI CEO has a stock option to buy 400 mil
  4. adirondackhi: Exactly right. They don't shoot from the hip, (11)
  5. vinsterr: Doc seems very confident about UNVC and the (6)
  6. toxzl2: PCI / ACS / DSS will take us there easy (2)
  7. robinsonst1: Looks like last Friday's news may have given us a (8)
  8. robinsonst1: It is an emotional event to see this ticker down (7)
  9. maronti1: we are ready. to run mm game showing 10000
  10. vinsterr: Good morning UNVCers !!! What a fantastic tweet (4)

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