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  1. 67GS455: Exactly, It's like they keep sticking needles in (1)
  2. ki2018rom: Another poster was playing trivia on Facebook and (3)
  3. Natural Treasures: They are not monkeying around. (2)
  4. The X: I don't blame him after seeing babies like (5)
  5. ki2018rom: Oh sorry...forgot to mention to scale, very large (2)
  6. bearcatrx: Ilja Laurs resigned because he doesn't trust the
  7. modest_investor: Many congratulations! I hope your financial
  8. The X: I resigned from a company before because of
  9. grow: ***Info for people using MobileTrust. Some brief (1)
  10. OSB: Video works on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and (3)

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