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  1. CDiddy: I think that press release was designed as a (8)
  2. crazyjogger925: would luv to see a bidding war for our product (1)
  3. crazyjogger925: saltz has a very good post on the matter worth a (13)
  4. CDiddy: Excellent catch (1)
  5. CTMedic: Lorbas, Thank you for the clarification of
  6. CDiddy: At least we didnt name our drug (9)
  7. blafarm: Interesting that they are seeking approval of the (12)
  8. NuGilead: CytoDyn Seeks UK Approval of Leronlimab for HIV (8)
  9. JLang: This nonsense about marketing and partnering is (1)
  10. Dr.Acula: Top Line Data from a Clinical Trial means: the (2)

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