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  1. Optimistic Trader: I meant to say I would hate regretting not (8)
  2. misiu143: Thank you SJ, This is really great , this group (2)
  3. mikeyt1818: Yes to close out the year at a dollar or more (10)
  4. lorbas: Pestell seems very eager to polish his image. A (1)
  5. mikeyt1818: Nice buying this morning! Stronger hands taking (6)
  6. ace thompson: One final comment (from me, thank goodness) on (1)
  7. ohm20: For expanded compassionate use IRBs look at (3)
  8. Watching_CYDY: Could it be NP mother-in-law?? (2)
  9. trding: No problem. I found the mono p2 paper, it didn't (2)
  10. Zuess421: here is the link to that 10/28 PI video you are (1)

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