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  1. Pafiddler: Just out... Talk about BP control of FDA and its (6)
  2. Civicbird1976: And let's not forget the opening valuation, as it (6)
  3. CDiddy: Gary Vaynerchuk (1)
  4. mikeyt1818: Reminder #2, float is the same. This is going to (9)
  5. PTM1: May be a good thing they weren't a good partner.
  6. KenChowder: mtruong wrote: It's possible the trial approval (3)
  7. CYDY_Invest: I actually remember Dr. Kelly being quite candid (4)
  8. cardamine: Mikey was this from today? You said it was news, (1)
  9. mikeyt1818: Reminder to shareholders, we are TA verified! (8)
  10. nmbr1stckpckr: Hoping history repeats. The wedge may push out (2)

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