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  1. Chiro2019: NEW DD: Spoke to Dr Dalton.... This conversation (31)
  2. zagnut: Did anyone else get this in their TD Ameritrade (3)
  3. Mo: Thoughts on the IPIX 10-K. Cash Position - $11.3M (17)
  4. Evil Rabbit: I never cared much for Closet but he posted fair (10)
  5. Chiro2019: VERY TRUE, appreciate you chiming in my friend. (6)
  6. Evil Rabbit: They are definitely getting louder. Just look at (15)
  7. tonecee: I got it and it’s still in the news section on
  8. Chiro2019: Good point it’s clear OTC markets is all over (5)
  9. Chiro2019: I think that’s the point of the deadline. To (4)
  10. Bw: I don't know how they expect to get any support (13)

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