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  1. CDiddy: I hope he does. He did a helluva job. All the (1)
  2. chuckles759: Let us all pray that his liver makes it back with (1)
  3. Riztheinvestor: Also for what it’s worth Evil was a good mod (4)
  4. Shelly2626: Definitely don't want to see him leave for long (1)
  5. Chiro2019: I appreciate the kind words. Thank you so much. I
  6. Riztheinvestor: Same I deleted some but apparently they took over (2)
  7. Buddyboy20: We must be close. It is close to either make or (1)
  8. map: Why have these haters suddenly appeared? Can the
  9. drugmanrx: The real opportunity currently during COVID is
  10. energy_wave: