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  1. Diver: I can't find any information on what company is
  2. resx18: That is coming imho .. $IGEX
  3. Pharaoh: PYMX
  4. leahanne: Volume Alert - VLO 51.40 Valero Energy Corp $VLO
  5. pennyMoMo: $CGLO News out- Gold Payment App CORO Granted
  6. FLA: EMBR .0034 ^14%
  7. znewcar1: IGEX 142% v327M c.0029 f1,0M H.003 morning gap to
  8. THEGOLDSTANDARD: RBDC - Contacted Direct Liquidators about merger
  9. Steel Reserve: Good luck IGEX peeps; I'm outie as of yesterday.
  10. znewcar1: IGEX 41% v111M c.0012 f1,0B H .0012