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  1. Buffi: Nice news piece out on verb. ESG. PLEASE READ ON (6)
  2. CTMedic: Weasel, From the 10Q: “In December 2021, (5)
  3. CDiddy: Thanks Evil. Bam! (1)
  4. weasel667: Oh thanks, I missed/ forgot about this PR. I (3)
  5. CTMedic: Weasel, December PR stated evaluation of critical (4)
  6. MLR_Lite: But I read on a site that someone read on a site (12)
  7. Evil Rabbit: And that it was not to be construed as an (5)
  8. sean007: CDiddy...You are absolutely (1)
  9. CDiddy: We don't actually know that, do we? Didnt it say (4)
  10. InTheKnow: UNQL .066 +62% ON 25M VOLUME ON DAY LIKE (1)