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  1. misiu143: My understanding dr MC .. In discussion with
  2. toodles: Good morning all the MODS do there job here good (8)
  3. misiu143: Fortuno , testing of this patients started (1)
  4. Caruso: As of this morning, it looks as though the (1)
  5. Almost A Myth: Just to clear the air about the mistaken (1)
  6. gimli: (4)
  7. plavac: If we get BTD then this raise will be enough for (1)
  8. trding: Any idea which center the patient is being screen
  9. adirondackhi: I agree, but you and I and several other longs (4)
  10. stebfish: I'll keep adding while the PPS is at this level. (2)

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