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  1. Civicbird1976: Hey wrench, mikey, Bumper, army, LV, Chiro, (11)
  2. Werner: MARVELOUS '' lecture-CC '', new pictures on the (1)
  3. LegendayGoat: who ever sold me those shares at 0.096 at open (11)
  4. wrenchman: Looks good all holding for THE DREAM it would (7)
  5. Emmitt: Just listened to the CC for the third time. (14)
  6. chazzledazzle: Noureddin’ s presentation was basically his
  7. Riztheinvestor: Q1 of 2023 is my guess. As far as the SP goes I (11)
  8. Evil Rabbit: I believe Kelly won’t be with us much longer as (3)
  9. MicMac: Love this short breakdown. I listened twice and (1)
  10. jconst345: Submitted first 2 in October, 3rd item in (4)