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  1. FBCoach18: From Dr. Bream; (20)
  2. Tweedskip: This is correct Pluto, the large amount of shares (3)
  3. enemyofpluto: the short attack occurred today, orchestrated by (3)
  4. calstang: The FDA maybe have actually been messing with the (13)
  5. Shelly2626: There was no short attack on Friday This person
  6. downhilldancer: This was posted on Reddit Friday. (1)
  7. enemyofpluto: Bring on the Reddit gang! Who'da thunk the effda (2)
  8. JLang: SEC, if it actually held true to its mandate, (3)
  9. Shelly2626: Right on Stang !!! (2)
  10. ohm20: Dr. Lalezari on FDA blocking 4 doses, from (10)

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