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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes, I believe we are 100% day to day. The (15)
  2. Figgs: Drano, you are right but I was bad at explaining (6)
  3. jconst345: And it’s not just $1.48 or so. If they hit (1)
  4. Figgs: Two months ago we were talking GSK and I thought (1)
  5. Enjay: crazyjogger925 said Pitt from YMB seems to have (11)
  6. crazyjogger925: madrigal at $83 a share friday amazingly has no
  7. mountaineer: I am right there with you 100%. Sometimes He (4)
  8. jrt03: Dr Dalton never said we will get news. He said (3)
  9. Shelly2626: I am hanging in forever if i have to.. ...... I (1)
  10. crazyjogger925: i figure these ymb posters who i read need to be