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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes you are right. The pic however is JHB and (9)
  2. gbonation: Listened to the call three times now.. All I can (7)
  3. gestalt2: It really seems like the FDA is clearing the way (3)
  4. papplesnap1: I was just up early catching up on the board. I (1)
  5. Shelly2626: Cydy..double in July Mgm...will get back to 25 (1)
  6. otcaddict: IMHO, the believe is if the patient condition
  7. Shelly2626: Thanks Doctor580 Great synopsis ...we have a (2)
  8. Rex Eupseiphos: EINDs take time, effort, and attention. The CYDY (2)
  9. Rex Eupseiphos: Oh my! "Cytodyn---Cervesas by the pool" sounds
  10. Doctor580: I find both of your "concerns" problematic. First (7)

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