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  1. cashclan: Who is Kamala Harris ? Some say the Whore of the
  2. nmbr1stckpckr: I am perplexed. Must be an
  3. onestepahead: Great article - TNBC - huge market CYDY right in (6)
  4. ClosetInvestor: Easy answer: CYDY filed for EUA for the M2M (2)
  5. CDiddy: This is perplexing. I have to imagine ita wrong. (1)
  6. NICKIE: I say there is a 25% chance that this is "THE" (1)
  7. JLang: CCL3's role in Hippocampal synaptic transmission, (5)
  8. Dr Zaius: I would like to discuss this statement from the
  9. calstang: Dr ZAIUS wrote: I would like to discuss this (4)
  10. Dr Zaius: Ok, I stand corrected. I missed this part of the (4)

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