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  1. Caruso: For what it’s worth, on the MACD charts i use,
  2. redspeed: Long Post for Investors (redflix S3E06) Maybe the (13)
  3. john1234: not bashing here but this is were if they were
  4. just for the halibut: Too funny Kerristl love it. (2)
  5. john1234: what investors need to remember is on4
  6. Thewordisverb19: Nice. In 2019 you can get a regular condo. I like (2)
  7. WinstonNC: Exactly John and not Tiger nor You or I or anyone
  8. Glistergirl: I just watched podcast 23. I have an increased (7)
  9. john1234: lets look at something this is onci net income
  10. Chaka-Chaka: I have come to my OWN CONCLUSION with VERB. (6)

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