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  1. trding: Yes, Merck just added last month recruiting (1)
  2. misiu143: I am surprise they still working with Vicriviroc (1)
  3. trding: Sounds like with saying funding through rest of (3)
  4. misiu143: Wow , when I listened to Dr Patterson , IMO it (3)
  5. Almost A Myth: You deleted my post but left the basher's two
  6. Almost A Myth: Whoever deleted it, PM please.
  7. ohm20: At least it will give us an idea if leronlimab (1)
  8. plavac: The NP said that the data room team would be (2)
  9. MoneyForNuthin: I just want to put this out here, not to indicate (1)
  10. Hulk767: Looks like a cool movie - I’ll have to check it (1)

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