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  1. wrenchman: Some good reading on NOBO lists and how share (7)
  2. ohm20: Nader's American Medicine Today appearance should
  3. jrt03: It’s interesting that lots of people have been (5)
  4. mikeyt1818: A few weeks ago John Hope Bryant was hanging out (6)
  5. Kgem: Well stated LVgliders. I know for certain that (2)
  6. Fortuno: With trading days like yesterday it’s tough to (2)
  7. Tennisboy: Thanks Red. That shows what is going to happen as (10)
  8. toodles: We all know Doc reads the boards an if there was (7)
  9. AlanC: Nice to see criminal charges being brought for (9)
  10. trding: Nice. Looks like a few people loaded this week.

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