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  1. Kgem: Richievortan, I believe UNVC will up-list. (5)
  2. DJknows: While Dr. Dalton has set many up to question (10)
  3. SFLsparky: Exactly. Not too much to ask for at this stage of (9)
  4. Cycl2R: None of the three VIPs treated by LL has publicly (5)
  5. crazyjogger925: just a little checking iam seeing polymedic (4)
  6. brentie: Well, Dr. Gary is on now but I don't know what
  7. JimmyO: Very good post. It's hard for some to comprehend (10)
  8. VegasorBust: Not sure if there are legalities or laws that (6)
  9. smurph: Gabay sa Kalusugan, MD aka Dr. Gary Sy (2)
  10. cardamine: I think you're missing my (8)

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