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  1. NuGilead: Dr. Lalezari is the one who requested dosings in (9)
  2. CDiddy: Ya, I'm not sure you need to be that concerned (1)
  3. JLang: Either our DMC was out to get a failure from the (2)
  4. sean007: CDiddy....You and the rest of us will have to
  5. Borel Fields: Passing the time, thinking this is the first time (2)
  6. CDiddy: Yep. It's all guessing until we get the actual
  7. Borel Fields: You think you can stop me from worrying? I was (1)
  8. CDiddy: That's what I am struggling with. Which groups
  9. CDiddy: I think we're all worried. And excited. This is a
  10. calstang: Were Cytodyn's earlier (April/May) eIND dosages,

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