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  1. JPValas: Janet Woodcock is the director of the Center for (2)
  2. Flash08: The FDA has not approved any vaccine yet and (1)
  3. sean007: Thanks for the clarity....The FDA is not Janet
  4. Almost A Myth: Maybe it's a shareholder who is upset about Doc's (9)
  5. UNVC4ME: Wow, who and the heck is Joe The Mythical 1 and (2)
  6. JPValas: What are you talking about? Several posters from
  7. MLR_Lite: Like I said. I am done with the past since I took (1)
  8. sean007: Emails from who exactly ??? If I'm selling
  9. toodles: G-unit's post is a great example on how it works (4)
  10. toodles: Doc we were excited for a little while but, ended (7)

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