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  1. smach: I agree, I never really thought he would announce (5)
  2. smach: I trust in Doc with all my heart. I imagine that (6)
  3. armyseal: bid whacking dick head.. (1)
  4. Chiro2019: I did the DD and went back to Doc first opened up (11)
  5. ohm20: Heard him on NPR this morning telling people to (5)
  6. Shelly2626: HIT THAT BULLSEYE !!!! and Gilead with all that (2)
  7. CDiddy: 90% confidence? Wow. I dont recall that level of (2)
  8. ohm20: Lyme disease is on the master disease list. I (9)
  9. calstang: From yahoo finance fellow: Morning Reminder: 1. (6)
  10. SAF: From Seeking Alpha (this is well written and IMO (13)

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