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  1. Civicbird76: I hope to retire that week now. That is how close (3)
  2. jeff67: I think we both agree this has the potential to
  3. sean007: Remdesivir has an EUA and is not yet FDA
  4. CDiddy: I can't really "Like" this, so I'll give ya a one
  5. Riztheinvestor: Will we get and news this week that will move the
  6. Hanman: If you take NP at his word, he already stated (1)
  7. jeff67: Cydy early on will have no problem distributing (1)
  8. peacekat: (4)
  9. sean007: No worries, after nine-ten months, that stuff (1)
  10. sean007: Jeff67, I would normally agree with your (1)

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