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  1. Civicbird76: I hope UNVC is soon set to replicate RAD's (2)
  2. LongPennyPincher: Good that is the group that deserves it. NP had
  3. Natural Treasures: Honored to be on the right side of the fight, in (8)
  4. Willyw0nka: Whether it’s the correct way to deal with the (5)
  5. I_luv_cydy: Hey LongPennyPincher - I just rated RedChip 1 (1)
  6. psea: AMEN! Great call! Let's discuss it for another (2)
  7. GolfandBeer: Beautiful Week so far..Great episode Red.. (4)
  8. I_luv_cydy: Hey BlackDoggie-- was that you on the call who
  9. Paul Jackson: On Joe’s Facebook page, there is a picture of
  10. gimli: Quick -- someone call Bo ..........

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