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  1. sherlock57: Hey Chuckles, if the new board is elected CYDY is (8)
  2. chuckles759: The NASDAQ's recently published "guidelines" (I (1)
  3. Riztheinvestor: I had no idea this was or would be a thing. I
  4. MLR_Lite: Apparently novice is a dipshit. Hmm Kind of knew (7)
  5. ohm20: Don't immigrants count towards diversity? The (3)
  6. Riztheinvestor: I was so happy to see Dr. Seethmaraju on (3)
  7. chuckles759: I dunno....a lot of the bashers have been (2)
  8. oMandarin: All CYDY hiring should be based solely on (2)
  9. ohm20: Smaller Reporting Companies have additional (2)
  10. Drano: Didn't NP say on the last call that CYDY had (1)

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