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  1. Figgs: Let's assume that Leronlimab only worked on 20% (3)
  2. sean007: "Something in humanity is broken"...and paid
  3. sean007: Less denied...more unrecognized...that will (1)
  4. budfoxfun: Big volume this week, hitting a lot of
  5. Lets Roll: Very nice trading this morning Homey!
  6. budfoxfun: Under .02 a steal here, loading zone
  7. DiamondsInTheRough: nice bid support and thin back up above
  8. RTB: This is somewhat of a combined reply to Plotinus
  9. MGK_2: Thanks Chazzle, I changed it to frequently in the
  10. homey_g: great day so far, especially for those that