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  1. Artlaw: I’ll just voice my opinion directly to Dalton (6)
  2. Vintool: Wow Damn near noon and only 7 trades so far
  3. Chiro2019: My advice to all investors... -Do not invest (16)
  4. MGK_2: But CYDY has gone so far as to hire an external (2)
  5. armyseal: The pussssy squad is trying their best on (5)
  6. MGK_2: So RTB, regarding the recent S3s, at what price (2)
  7. Civicbird1976: I hope those opportunities are now just about (5)
  8. wrenchman: Cheapie chasers are out like i knew they would be (9)
  9. RTB: I don't agree with your basic statement that (3)
  10. armyseal: excellent point, i mean when you sell all of your (7)