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  1. wowhappens28: Come on now dbergh., with Democrats little things
  2. CaptnAmerca: I emailed with an acquaintance who is a doctor (14)
  3. MLR_Lite: Be nice to see it climb over .02 today and more (3)
  4. Norwegian Rooster: Mikey and Wrench, don't even sweat these POS. Im (2)
  5. JLang: THE PPS IS NOT JUST CYDY. Christ, some people (4)
  6. TechGuru: Good day to all. It would seem that there are (25)
  7. Civicbird76: Will this then be halted for a day or two, mikey, (2)
  8. tsn: Pretty impressive that Cytodyn is able to attract (16)
  9. SouthernGold: 10K filed today so we meet the requirements of (7)
  10. JLang: No, it's still a great post because it's THE (2)

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