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  1. Civicbird76: I hope UNVC is soon set to replicate RAD's (2)
  2. wrenchman: So I would suggest looking at this video posted (8)
  3. trding: CytoDyn Receives Institutional Review Board (6)
  4. trding: Do worry, we will not. Voicing frustration with (6)
  5. trding: Not sure, but just checked and still not showing (1)
  6. Natural Treasures: Honored to be on the right side of the fight, in (16)
  7. misiu143: I normally wait for 5 or 6 AM PR , today I (5)
  8. TechGuru: The primary endpoint of the approved basket trial (4)
  9. LongPennyPincher: Good that is the group that deserves it. NP had
  10. docj: The news came across Reuters' news feed as well

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