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  1. armyseal: Really you called me a flipper... prove it or
  2. armyseal: dude can you imagine a $10 to $20 evaluation for (10)
  3. wowhappens28: Salty, it was not "exaggeration about an armed (1)
  4. mikeyt1818: It tells me that Doc has his eyes on the Fortune (13)
  5. LVgliders: The "float" numbers will follow soon. The (17)
  6. Cydymypyt: Stop being ridiculous. Respect alternative (7)
  7. buy4fun: You need to define what you mean by the float. If (5)
  8. mikeyt1818: Big name partners are ready to roll imo. (12)
  9. cardamine: Consider the updated float to be "held by DTC" (1)
  10. buy4fun: 2,279,023,522 multiplied by closing price of .074 (4)

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