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  1. Doctor580: You guys want the truth? I think you all deserve (17)
  2. Dr.Acula: In terms of SP, keep in mind that the market (8)
  3. Riztheinvestor: Also here is a good link to see what executive
  4. Riztheinvestor: It’s the FDAs job to specifically direct NP and
  5. mountaineer: Excellent excellent (1)
  6. mountaineer: Just saying turd head made me laugh. Thanks (1)
  7. Doctor580: Somebody (I don't have Twitter) should send a (4)
  8. Shelly2626: Sent him one today doc...and a few others...Sara (4)
  9. SouthernGold: Welcome to the club....
  10. crazyjogger925: scooter mcCabe has a post re our competition The (5)

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