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  1. ohm20: The most important question that no one is (3)
  2. DEISL: Thanks trding!! Been following this board since (6)
  3. ClosetInvestor: I agree with you. If NP can secure $40-50m in (3)
  4. sjacobs26: Lol, I think it’s been 3 straight videos now.
  5. Evilrbt: NP said he expects multiple term sheets in the (2)
  6. ohm20: Cytodyn cannot charge anything for leronlimab
  7. henry f: The cost to treat those patients is a pittance (2)
  8. crazyjogger925: makes sense thnx
  9. aidenb: Nader mentioned yesterday some will be on
  10. dogandcat: ACS will pay 9m+ for license, which we all know.

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