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  1. EliteStockPicks: PRPM Heating up! The time to buy is now. Good
  2. Borel Fields: The Samsung Biologic analysis/puff-piece that was
  3. Shelly2626: Understand...but we think we have 87+ deaths
  4. CDiddy: Got off on a bit of a tangent. The power of the (2)
  5. SizzlChest: Ohm, do not forget the people that exercise, eat (2)
  6. mtruong34: That was done at my request. I think the number
  7. SizzlChest: The vaccine could be creating longhaulers and (1)
  8. I_luv_cydy: Techguru: Why does your calculation only count a
  9. CDiddy: Ya, I get it. But we were trying (perhaps
  10. CDiddy: If a trial has 2 deaths in placebo, and one in (1)

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