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  1. rodolfo: I'm a little bit surprised you haven't listed (1)
  2. Figgs: OMG, you forgot Dunlaps disease, the most common (1)
  3. Emmitt: Something else to ponder: Arman came aboard with (2)
  4. KenChowder: It's Bob Ducca's List of Ailments. Just so long
  5. Respert24: Crap. I forgot.
  6. Evil Rabbit: Can’t believe dingle didn’t make your berry (5)
  7. Respert24: Bugeater requested levity. “humor or frivolity, (12)
  8. ndoodah: Don’t let the door hit you in the behind on
  9. All Aboard: RJS - please take down my post showing open SEC
  10. All Aboard: When I said "I don't care" I was saying I don't