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  1. nmbr1stckpckr: So I checked out IMMU and did a quick limited (1)
  2. Zuess421: I could be wrong but isn't IMMU's mtnbc drug a
  3. dejavu: Gilead was dumping remdesivir on the Chinese back
  4. I_luv_cydy: Hey Pnwtri--- that Queen youtube video was
  5. pnwtri: Haha yes glad you liked it!
  6. Boomtown: At the 2:50 minute mark on today’s proactive
  7. CrazyRon: Something was mentioned in today’s proactive
  8. nmbr1stckpckr: Setting stop losses is what first timers
  9. pnwtri: In case you need some CV19 humor: (1)
  10. ClosetInvestor: “I have a feeling that if Dr. Bruce has some

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