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  1. armyseal: yep they believe now, many thinking they would (7)
  2. MarcS: Heads up! The preliminary results of the (2)
  3. UNVC4ME: It’s almost like UNVC/DOC is creating a whole (8)
  4. MarcS: Super excited to share that the preliminary (2)
  5. JLang: And if they do market before approval, what's the (2)
  6. Shelly2626: Yes please do everyone The admin needs to ban (2)
  7. KenChowder: Here's a weird one: I think it's almost a (5)
  8. Goosebumps:
  9. Goosebumps: PR at 6:00? Just a few more hours and what will (1)
  10. toodles: My goodness over the rainbow people don't realize (12)

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