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  1. Shelly2626: Ok ..stayed calm for the past few hours ...bit (11)
  2. swordman: Dr Patterson tweetering reply to a fan : (1)
  3. PennySlayer: Agreed. Happy to have it on the shelves of all (3)
  4. Carsmax177: Someone posted conference call notes on CYDY (9)
  5. Carsmax177: Agreed and good for the Philippines to try (2)
  6. balleroni: Interesting ... sort of ... China’s National (1)
  7. PennySlayer: We may be just in time to help the Philippines. (4)
  8. fsoalex: This may be covered in subsequent posts but I am (4)
  9. Carsmax177: Philippines has taken the top spot on google (1)
  10. Carsmax177: Apologizes, missed part of the post. Rest as (4)

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