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  1. chazzledazzle: Noureddin’ s presentation was basically his
  2. Figgs: Great, so Glück needs to get on the phone and
  3. chazzledazzle: Amen, brother. Glück man sounded like a little (1)
  4. chazzledazzle: Hulk, I agree it was a great call. What I think
  5. Werner: MARVELOUS '' lecture-CC '', new pictures on the (1)
  6. toodles: Univec Just in this week from the state of (2)
  7. Crujones1985: Just listened to a replay of today’s call. What (5)
  8. junebug: Hello UNVCers. I am no longer a shareholder, but (7)
  9. HHIGambler: Damn, I missed that. That's GREAT NEWS! Not (2)
  10. KenChowder: Congrats on your great career. Very impressive. (1)