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  1. LegendayGoat: bro u sound so stupid calm down things happen i (3)
  2. LegendayGoat: hahaha cutter i would spit on you and your little (3)
  3. LegendayGoat: noviceone you are worst than scum you dam little (8)
  4. MLR_Lite: You hit the nail on the head there. Stocktwits (7)
  5. LegendayGoat: you must be very very slow go look at his post (6)
  6. Figgs: (2)
  7. Buddyboy20: Greco Belgica is an anti-corruption official, in (12)
  8. Goosebumps: Two links for those that wonder about BTD and (3)
  9. Emmitt: Saturday morning, cruising thru latest posts. I (11)
  10. KenChowder: Very nice, Buddy. It takes till about 35:20 for (11)

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