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  1. CDiddy: Lmao. That was simply
  2. RTB: LIghten up Lang. We are all just having a little (2)
  3. chuckles759: Yes. Our Hangouts CDiddy is not the same as those
  4. MLR_Lite: You can take my place. I just want to find my (4)
  5. JLang: Leave it up; you looking like a clown hasn't (1)
  6. sean007: More like "Warped Speed."...another failed... too
  7. sean007: Hey C...very cogent statement...but as
  8. sean007: 2 BTD's will render a $25.00 plus Share
  9. grow: CYDY notes from the July 22, 2021 cc with some (29)
  10. sean007: Why are we not getting feedback from Chiral (1)

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