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  2. mikeyt1818: These two PMs are signaling to me that this is so (14)
  3. mikeyt1818: Remember guys: Dr Dalton has built a dream team (10)
  4. robinsonst1: Management: The answer is yes. We were delayed (8)
  5. Gator5326: I think the trading pattern tells us all we need (1)
  6. TechGuru: Possible but I would think the reaction would
  7. ace thompson: What I don't understand is that it seems that if (3)
  8. BrownMule: $UNVC: “Quiet “ Does not mean I am not taking (17)
  9. LongPennyPincher: Thank you! Even though we are invested the bigger (1)
  10. zpaul: ( Privacy Framework ) (5)

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