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  1. SHEEPWOLF: $INTV: DD PACKAGE: Company has almost no debt, (4)
  2. DavidRFoley: it would have zero impact on Netflix, they house (19)
  3. zpaul: Excellent Find- When GW/Kay @ SH meeting talking (4)
  4. DavidRFoley: I will be at the meeting and available for as (30)
  5. DavidRFoley: The company can't selectively issue a dividend to (32)
  6. gimli: I think this sounds good for our side ---- but (2)
  7. DavidRFoley: The new management team holds the shareholders in (18)
  8. mc67: $MJ's are Popping $$$ Bitcoin profits should flow
  9. Mrdrifter: V&G Judge Richard G. Stearns: ELECTRONIC ORDER (2)
  10. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High #EagleSpiritWater has a (6)

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