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  1. N2Tech22: Hi. Had a great conversation with Gateway today (16)
  2. LACYDY: I do hope my predictions are inaccurate as I hope (6)
  3. junebug: 20,000+ views-aint bad !!! (4)
  4. adirondackhi: New HEMPd 20 mg cans!! As promised, Rocky (20)
  5. mikeyt1818: Univec Conglomerate is a hot topic. Many eyes on (16)
  6. gimli: Bo has a light mention of a good relationship (1)
  7. Both shallow: (6)
  8. mikeyt1818: RAD is on fire and remember that Doc told me to (5)
  9. Hulk767: I do think another offering is coming based on (1)
  10. adirondackhi: Yes, but you'll notice they say Hemp Extract and (9)

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