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  1. Civicbird76: I'm sure everything is already finalized, mikey. (7)
  2. ohm20: It's still being bandied about that Amarex is (12)
  3. ohm20: If Dr. Jonas Sacha succeeds in using leronlimab (7)
  4. TechGuru: Reallypeople?, Ohm, who we know long from before (13)
  5. expharmer: Update on InCellDX DX through MD Biosciences. I (2)
  6. CDiddy: There was an exodus of investors following the (6)
  7. TechGuru: CloserInvestor, From the horses mouth. This (3)
  8. CGC: Hmmm- looks like after LLmab gets going we have (2)
  9. ohm20: If they cover all CCR5 receptors it wouldn't be a (10)
  10. SeeWhyDY: Ohm, I can understand that but you have to ensure

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