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  1. toodles: This board used to be good new investors could (10)
  2. MLR_Lite: Yes wow. We all love you to death and have been (2)
  3. MLR_Lite: Correction. You can't bash Doc or look to start a (2)
  4. Hanman: if this gets EUA Leronlimab CAN NOT BE
  5. hoops: Another one bites the dust.
  6. henry f: Besides, it’s no shame to be a flipper. They (8)
  7. lorbas: I don't know for certain of course, perhaps I'm
  8. Evilrbt: And he should be kicking himself for not taking (2)
  9. ClosetInvestor: “Looks like they had solid results from their
  10. Borel Fields: No. I'm talking about post

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