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  1. Bhawks: And you believed it all 'It truly boggles the
  2. Goosebumps: I heard a rumor that Cytodyn was authorized by (4)
  3. trding: Cytodyn cash was $8 million on 11/30/21 and they (17)
  4. Bhawks: So..... (1)
  5. Riztheinvestor: It would be cool with we stared are Long haulers (1)
  6. onestepahead: More covid-19,variants coming
  7. sean007: ALL the longs here are familiar with the (8)
  8. ohm20: No clarification of Goosebumps statement was (5)
  9. onestepahead: Where has the money been coming from the past 7 (5)
  10. WhatIf: I asked once before but I didn't a answer. Do we