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  2. Civicbird76: With what TDOC is doing lately in share value and (2)
  3. Civicbird76: Exactly. If this was just a hint of the scam they
  4. COInvestor: CYDY on an advancing Pathway with LERONLIMAB... (12)
  5. surfsup: This stock sale is likely a non issue. I have (3)
  6. Shelly2626: I am expecting nothing but upside (8)
  7. bugeater: Anyone seen this report or heard of these people?
  8. Chiro2019: BIG UPDATE: President Trump signed an executive (11)
  9. Evilrbt: Saltz posted another good explanation for NP’s (6)
  10. Rubraquercus: In a test of antiviral effectiveness against the (2)

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