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  1. Albert364: A mullet is a haircut that is characterised by
  2. sean007: It seems Patent protection extends to India and
  3. AeroDude: Yes on share increase, NO on compensations. They (5)
  4. biloxiblues: On the idea of compensation, I do not want this (3)
  5. Enjay: There is a string on twitter entitled "SARS-CoV-2 (2)
  6. smach: The amazon clinic is in beta. Notice that all (8)
  7. dogsgetwings: Dalton (defendant) lost the suit by the (4)
  8. wowhappens28: I am white heterosexual and I demand equal (3)
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  10. PennyStockGang: $TSLA $MGXMF Tesla completes construction of the