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  1. wowhappens28: I just left iHub If a WOKE Pro slavery(socialism)
  2. LVgliders: Agreed. With the things we see happening, it (6)
  3. MGK_2: Dr. Otto Yang states: "But we found just the (6)
  4. Setuptech: Buying more for my daughter as soon as her bday (7)
  5. chazzledazzle: In case you came here to learn something
  6. Respert24: You spelled Nasch wrong. CytodynE is bringing (10)
  7. cardamine: When I say I'm looking forward to 8ks I mean that (2)
  8. armyseal: Endless PA’s crying over their own DD and (4)
  9. skipper1072: About the only thing I look for is (3)
  10. chazzledazzle: “especially since that new mechanism of action