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  1. Steel Reserve: Call me an idiot. You gooftard. (1)
  2. MoonShot303: A few block trades accounted for most of it. Two (1)
  3. skezan: No matter what the holdup is from the FDA, Cydy (5)
  4. richievortan: does anyone know if that message is new on the (4)
  5. Buddyboy20: Additionally, it was a redistribution of wealth (6)
  6. ScottyDoggs: We need to bring back Buddy
  7. Chiro2019: I think its new and idk if thats us. I think the (2)
  8. Cavalier3505: UNVC: Feb. 23rd the train arrived, last piece (5)
  9. armyseal: The same thing will happen today (1)
  10. Riztheinvestor: Any reason for the volume picking up today