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  1. craigakess: Dr.: Well that was a non-event of a post, thanks. (3)
  2. Angus: STRIKEFORCE reply: Replying to @PenniesSeven and (2)
  3. hylander: Doc, I am referring back to this post you wrote: (1)
  4. cphillips82: I like that response MK! (2)
  5. trding: Yeah, understand. I think we have seen the last (1)
  6. BoWing: The Kaboom is near !!!! I can dig it
  7. trding: Watch out when it does in 2020. I'm ready to see (2)
  8. trding: Literally an oil salesman... wow. People love the (1)
  9. Zuess421: I think you should at least give him the two
  10. paging_doctr_jerloff: Hello all, Doctor Pieter Jerloffs here... Clearly (1)

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