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  1. Sunny3999: I have shared your post already yesterday so 8h
  2. DJknows: Excellent work and write up Coocoo... and thanks
  3. Bixellou: Billions of dollars at stake.
  4. cardamine: and evidently that's what matters to Gilead, not
  5. ClosetInvestor: “i don't know just know the company is better
  6. ClosetInvestor: Just a little education for the board: doctors of (10)
  7. Zuess421: I didn't say that but ok. I just said we are (1)
  8. Rubraquercus: Ohm, thank you for the interesting links on T1d,
  9. Zuess421: I don't know just know the company is better off
  10. Coocooburra: First, this isn’t advice. At all. Just my own (54)

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