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  1. maz1978: I personally don't even care at this point if the
  2. Lucky Jimmy: SNCR up +1.24% percent Today $SNCR High is at
  3. wd145242: Svan, I agree with your post and will admit GC
  4. LVgliders: Self imposed quiet period,
  5. erieshore: ZPaul, I know you're way more qualified than I am (1)
  6. ORIONDHC: The fraudsters, like rbtree, stocksup, lmcat,
  7. whytestocks: $RCL News Article - Why Carnival, Norwegian
  8. chuckles759: Lamarco is like a cat vomit stain in the
  9. znewcar1: BPSR 22% v3,0M c.06 f1,102B H.06 EOD
  10. bms: Have you heard of LYMPRO?....blood test smh Im