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  1. zpaul: $SFOR Likely Yes. Section 109 will assist SFOR if (9)
  2. Gator5326: Waller wrote this to another investor April 29th (4)
  3. Evilrbt: I shouldn't read Twitter (I follow mostly
  4. trding: Ccr5 also plays roles with the TAMs (1)
  5. CyberC: Keyboards for the release of EndpointLockV™ (4)
  6. zpaul: (2)
  7. NPike711: SFOR has a benefactor in DSS which is strong this (4)
  8. longbord: Making patent law changes in effect will help to (7)
  9. Mad man: RMHB bounced right off daily 50 WMA (weigthed (2)
  10. Pugilista: Yes the deals and day to day biz is what will

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