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  1. LegendayGoat: who ever sold me those shares at 0.096 at open (11)
  2. Infinitewealth26: $GRLF .0005 easy 5-10 bag type of play just had a
  3. mikeyt1818: Imminent commencement of trading in multi dollars (28)
  4. mikeyt1818: Agreed. It is all ready to launch imho. Day to (10)
  5. idig: Many follow @drdaviddalton1 on linkedin. Connect (12)
  6. sean007: We are on a path...that path is one of straight (3)
  7. hoops: (1)
  8. Respert24: Everyone seems to think that with one approval (9)
  9. hoops: I had to get a routine endoscopy at my local (9)
  10. MGK_2: Absolutely Sean. Not only do the SAB Experts (1)