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  1. Shelly2626: Oh that's right ...thanks , I forgot that this is
  2. Figgs: I would stay steady, things can change on a dime
  3. Enjay: Babaji posted what drD posted on YMB about Dr. (10)
  4. onestepahead: (1)
  5. oMandarin: You are incorrect. Similar other articles, backed
  6. PZ2004: Yes, I have been aware of this since I believe
  7. Enjay: thanks for the correction - did not know drD is a
  8. FBCoach18: Sean007, thanks for missing me! I have been here (1)
  9. weasel667: You are right, CD15 was the old longhauler
  10. Dimes: Looks like is down. Anyone else