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  1. Kgem: Richievortan, I believe UNVC will up-list. (5)
  2. Notaguru: I believe we can criticize and post our concerns (5)
  3. MLR_Lite: Glad Doc replied! But we would not go to grey (10)
  4. nothingspecial: Yes the salary addition is quite deserved & I (5)
  5. ohm20: For those who hope to not seat director nominees (10)
  6. Goosebumps: The 13d group will probably wait until the last (9)
  7. MLR_Lite: (5)
  8. calstang: nmbr1stckpckr wrote: From today's Proactive (3)
  9. nothingspecial: Know I'll get killed for this one, but it needs (17)
  10. Buddyboy20: I believe your concerns are already being (5)

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