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  1. Steel Reserve: Call me an idiot. You gooftard. (1)
  2. Steel Reserve: No way are they ever going to make me wear a face (5)
  3. Steel Reserve: How come the green new deal fuktards aren't (2)
  4. Steel Reserve: Squirel never tasted so good. Just figured out (2)
  5. Steel Reserve: 370 air quality. Hazardous. This shits nuts can
  6. SlimPickun: Bitching and moaning is what you do if you're a (2)
  7. SlimPickun: Good job mods! Camp site is nice and clean (2)
  8. chazzledazzle: Shoulda said seasoned rice vinegar. Sushi/short (2)
  9. smach: Yes, we have been waiting a long time. Also true (5)
  10. SFLsparky: Good morning. Only days ago, Doc managed to (5)