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  1. Natural Treasures: Right on the money about SaaS Red. Every single (5)
  2. redspeed: I remember Salesforce in their first year I (3)
  3. ohm20: BIT225's disruption of vpu inhibition is
  4. mval: While I appreciate your motives and desires, (2)
  5. nFUSZmywallet21: I listened again, seems like that 750k is just (3)
  6. dogandcat: Are you excited with the Q1? I am panic actually. (1)
  7. BusyBee: I’m not a religious person but I’m still (1)
  8. Natural Treasures: Pays to be first and have a patent as well (1)
  9. undervaluedstocks: Remember StrikeForce shareholders all share in
  10. WinstonNC: pure spec but one possibility is 2nd PL keeps

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