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  1. Outin8: Schwab shows the price this morning at 0.106. (2)
  2. adirondackhi: I believe it will be RMHBD for the next 20 days. (2)
  3. bjd: There is a Big spread on L2 . there was one trade (2)
  4. robinsonst1: Well it’s officially official then! Rock on (2)
  5. iToby1: Rmhbd (1)
  6. 4sleddogs: 5/15 there will be "more revenue news" with the (2)
  7. undervaluedstocks: This week: Possible Blocksafe movement on (1)
  8. fred20155: I noticed this Institutional Owners list came out (5)
  9. reindeer830: It's only April 22nd! It's all coming together.
  10. Blade$Dream: Btw Mary or gopher any news from Steve after (2)

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