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  1. jrt03: Totally agree with this. Dr Dalton needs to tell (2)
  2. Steel Reserve: No way are they ever going to make me wear a face (5)
  3. biloxiblues: It was on his Linkedin (2)
  4. CDiddy: It depends on the market. If there can be a
  5. MoonShot303: Where? Specifically. I don't see anything like (7)
  6. crazyjogger925: wish whoever is going to partner with cydy would (2)
  7. AngryMan: Basic right and wrong here. If you don't think (2)
  8. zagnut: I live right near that inlet. Seen a few boats go (3)
  9. sean007: are the definition of a "long (1)
  10. bugeater: comical that tanking of GSK is due to removal of (3)