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  1. mikeyt1818: Bottom line is Doc has given us a very (12)
  2. armyseal: He needs to do his own DD and quit attacking (3)
  3. mzummo: you all can delete posts as much as you like. (1)
  4. mikeyt1818: Euromed Standby: Waiting for our rollout. 30+ (12)
  5. misiu143: PR just in.. " Impressive results continue from (6)
  6. Poseidon360: Here's a brief article on the interactive video (18)
  7. bwolfy2002: To me it sounds like both are trying really hard
  8. misiu143: I am in shock with this news (1)
  9. HHIGambler: "Company CFO John Smiley reported that the pharma (2)
  10. ohm20: I thought leronlimab might be able to be used on (3)

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