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  1. skezan: See Trdng's post 16099. (1)
  2. RDY2ROCK: I have as well and still buying! Thanks for the (1)
  3. petemantx: Not directed at you Dora but the board in (4)
  4. bwolfy2002: To be fair the MC is still only like
  5. Cleanmar: geochemical analysis was performed by Fire Assay
  6. solartech: You are right, this post will last only 20
  7. toxzl2: What happened today guys? Why this volume and no
  8. ih8aloss: You should post this over on the jackass board,
  9. DoraBrown: Mo, your analysis is always very good and (2)
  10. SouthernGold: Amazing how these Bio's jump on Phase I news for

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