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  1. trding: Looks like from the message they are changing (2)
  2. Rex Eupseiphos: p-values were large because the statistical tests
  3. CTMedic: Patterson's CCL5/RANTES manuscript on research (1)
  4. ohm20: Being an "antiviral" I guarantee viral load tests (6)
  5. armyseal: Yep punk asses( especially Rancunt )been spewing (3)
  6. nmbr1stckpckr: I was writing with respect to how much influence (1)
  7. armyseal: Very close any minute has to be UNVC Conglomerate
  8. blafarm: TechGuru, Ohm20, or anyone else, Has any other (3)
  9. TechGuru: Good morning !!! There have been some references (8)
  10. reallypeople?: When you all communicate with Doctor Patterson

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