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  1. wrenchman: No doubts now we are truly at the LAUNCH (10)
  2. CDiddy: Oh, gotcha. Sorry, I misunderstood
  3. Bibendum: Ps. I'm assuming low to no short interest is an (3)
  4. nmbr1stckpckr: I was referring to an effect to the share price.
  5. WUM: shawn 45 just posted on Stocktwits: Quote: (3)
  6. docj: Hard for the share price to overcome dillution. (3)
  7. Hulk767: this is something i've thought about quite a bit. (3)
  8. CDiddy: Ya, we need to get our trials filled
  9. BUMPERCARS: I'll go with what doc said. Q4-8k ---->>> (8)
  10. firemedguy111: These are over OTC stocks that are now trading on (9)