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  1. blafarm: I have listened to the call multiple times. What (1)
  2. CDiddy: My 2 cents. Nadar and crew are dragging us to the (7)
  3. CDiddy: Nah. It's 50 patients (1)
  4. peacekat: Thanks for corroborating that! I’m not as
  5. OTCnewbie: Just to provide some input on the Nader (2)
  6. Shelly2626: Great synopsis....ready to ride this comet and (1)
  7. peacekat: Didn’t post these before about Mex trials
  8. Heads: Regarding p2, I got the distinct impression from
  9. Coocooburra: This is how I see it unfolding as well. The only (1)
  10. Heads: I think NP said uplisting will be on the NYSE

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