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  1. toodles: We are here at the right time this is going to be (7)
  2. nmbr1stckpckr: In case some were wondering why CYDY's trials (6)
  3. kleenpro: Cydy at $3.17 pre-market open.
  4. pnwtri: This is just my response to your concerns about (14)
  5. xxxSchlingelxxx: Amazing news! Is it 7 out of 7, because the (2)
  6. gbonation: Dr. Bruce is in every news release, can you guys (6)
  7. gbonation: As soon as the news game out . Boom the stock
  8. FIREwithCYDY: Make it OFFICAL.. Looks like we found the guy in (4)
  9. dejavu: Bad news: NASDAQ will just mean the same antics (1)
  10. DJknows: This morning's Cytodyn PRs have EXTRAORDINARY (2)

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