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  1. SHEEPWOLF: SHEEPWOLF'S WATCHLIST FOR 04/24/2017 (posted (7)
  2. tinytoes51: What HAD NTEK & VERIZON Gotten the Latency down
  3. troy64: Thanks for the help now sell your 2 shares and (1)
  4. Wolverine19: BREAKING NEWS - Another Reverse Merger (1)
  5. sunraven: jact: the SHM is at 10:00 a.m., not afternoon or (1)
  6. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High NY ICE COLD ROCKY MOUNTAIN (5)
  7. Jerseyfish: Lithium DFW?Lithium at City Tavern in Downtown (5)
  8. Drano: I believe that this was an engineered (pardon the (5)
  9. AlanC: This video is well worth your time to watch, I (2)
  10. truebeliever: tomorrow is today and owcp has a long way to go, (1)

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