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  1. CDiddy: I wonder about that as well. I hope we get a (4)
  2. Figgs: I agree, a partnership is coming. Part of the (5)
  3. CDiddy: I dont want them to update us. I want them to (10)
  4. Evil Rabbit: I agree. Stay 100% silent until you have (11)
  5. mountaineer: It would be more exciting if UNVC was mentioned /
  6. Crujones1985: I wonder if Nadar ever wanted to say to some of (9)
  7. AngryMan: ER I hope you are right. We need a partnership. I (2)
  8. Rusty: Serbegeth Singh: Former pro football player dies
  9. LVgliders: Just to be clear, I am not saying Doc would wait (1)
  10. ohm20: “we’re in the process of addressing our (4)