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  1. JLang: This is not your FB wall... if you have a need to (1)
  2. trding: Here is a great survey paper talking about all (2)
  3. JLang: Ask MD Virologist: he's the mole sent here to (1)
  4. CDiddy: Jesus. I can't read this after three (1)
  5. JLang: Melon Toy also indicated a slight burning
  6. JLang: "Really" is not really here for any other reason (2)
  7. sean007: Firstly, I don't facebook, period. I'll warrant (1)
  8. smurph: Facebook "Long Haul COVID Fighters"(4.1K members) (1)
  9. ohm20: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's is often preceded by (1)
  10. CDiddy: I was going to reply, but you have me

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