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  1. Civicbird76: I wonder if anyone here stands a chance to walk (3)
  2. TraderJoe_80: HAHAHAHA they brought in "help" on the iHub (9)
  3. TraderJoe_80: Univec Conglomerate Inc. $UNVC NO CHANGE IN CAP (9)
  4. farml1234: Obama and his crooked unions started the down
  5. TraderJoe_80: Lots of buying buying buying, and holding holding (10)
  6. TraderJoe_80: I cant believe some people post this (13)
  7. KenChowder: Groundhog Day came on the second of March this (13)
  8. ohm20: Here is what the SEC considers material (1)
  9. discoveryy: My thoughts on this: a) Mahboob U. Rahman, M.D., (9)
  10. Eyedr: Not that we haven't heard about these options (1)

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