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  1. Buildit: Again, maybe NGIO has $300MM+ potential, but (1)
  2. hylander: What are your thoughts on NGIO being listed.
  3. cherrob: $HTSC, Only 7 million shares in the DTC. Last
  4. cherrob: $PHBI (Pharmagreen Biotech) has developed hemp
  5. CDiddy: I need a fix. I should have been excited about
  6. misiu143: SJ , no , some people with " Functional Cure" are
  7. Lee Adams: $BNGI Bangi, Inc.'s CMO, Dr. Matthew Knowles,
  8. sjacobs26: Thanks Misiu for the clarification. I should’ve (1)
  9. whytestocks: $NXGB News :
  10. jedijazz: $SNPW $80M Funding for the Durango Solar Power

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