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  1. cara_thera: $MFST investorshangout low float cbd pick (1)
  2. cara_thera: $UNVC investorshangout low float cannabis pick (1)
  3. UHD: Don’t forget we are in two finalization
  4. dmeo10: One thing I did not know and found very (1)
  5. zoomboom: Insensitive? You really shouldn’t be investing (3)
  6. mewards: I believe the filings said it will be common (1)
  7. Maunute13: The share price was .47 when it was mentioned in (8)
  8. canadiantrader: SAP SE is also in there (3)
  9. UHD: Curious if the company plans on Using Preferred
  10. Irishvox: I believe the goal is an uplist above $20 per (3)

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