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  1. LVgliders: I call it the "trifecta", Amazon, JP Morgan and (14)
  2. Kgem: Richievortan, I believe UNVC will up-list. (5)
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  4. CTMedic: I'm pretty terrible with turning excel files into (17)
  5. Kgem: UNVC4ever, don't ask about this on the UNVC board (4)
  6. Evil Rabbit: Fine work. Thank you. I think we’ll see (3)
  7. z_smith01: 10-26-2021 Emerging Growth Call Rough Notes Slide (15)
  8. bugeater: From conference.. LONG HAULERS to start next (5)
  9. toodles: Lot of things are happening behind the scenes, (16)
  10. idig: Nice DD here by the famous DD Team $$$$$$$$ (12)

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