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  1. Steel Reserve: Call me an idiot. You gooftard. (3)
  2. Steel Reserve: No way are they ever going to make me wear a face (5)
  3. Steel Reserve: Creepy covid going around again? Who keeps
  4. biloxiblues: I guess that leaves just Leronlimab! (3)
  5. Drano: Trial terminated for 2 HIV vaccine candidates. (3)
  6. ohm20: Grip it, the problem with HIV vaccines is that (8)
  7. Wharfrat: "Exciting news from IR-Med! We're thrilled to (6)
  8. biloxiblues: No idea. (1)
  9. idig: Nice find Wharf! A U.S. Launch could be big for (4)
  10. Evil Rabbit: Grip it… I thought I recognized this Rub name (4)