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  1. Remote: Vaccine for coronavirus? (1)
  2. crazyjogger925: cant wait for those deals to be inked here is a
  3. crazyjogger925: iam with you i believe news will come and the (1)
  4. crazyjogger925: his first post .. Posted On: 02/09/2020 8:30:41
  5. Ajm1212: Monday will be huge
  6. skezan: We seem to be missing some pertinent information (1)
  7. Shelly2626: Totally agree its time the next leg starts until
  8. Ajm1212: It will be on Bloomberg international tv Sunday
  9. Ajm1212: And the news came
  10. Evilrbt: Will it have 25 hours?!

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