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  1. ohm20: I still stand behind my assessment that aviptadil
  2. ohm20: It would be nice if this was on the next trial (1)
  3. ohm20: We also need to consider Tanya Durkee Urbach for (2)
  4. Bored Lawyer:
  5. sean007: OK we are right back where I thought you (1)
  6. sean007: MGK...I am not sure if you are present...or (1)
  7. ohm20: Ok, now this clown MD Virologist is sending me
  8. sean007: are not as mentally deficient as I (1)
  9. sean007: I signed a mutual NDA today...for Patent (1)
  10. sean007: POS gets a free ride...we are taking it in the (2)