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  1. Civicbird76: This is so amazing and overwhelming, mikey. Hope (8)
  2. armyseal: Cockroaches lower than pond scum ... comical (6)
  3. TechGuru: As Ohm points out Leronlimab should surpass CD24 (17)
  4. ohm20: Oncoimmune's drug downregulates NF-kb, that's it. (8)
  5. ohm20: Both have made comments on Twitter that they (9)
  6. TechGuru: Good day to all, The BOD (including CEO) are (13)
  7. JLang: FDA declined to grant EUA for PII Mild/Moderate (2)
  8. trding: This board is for discussion for investors about (33)
  9. CDiddy: Pretty unlikely
  10. TechGuru: ClosetInvestor, You are misconstruing my (3)

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