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  1. plavac: If we get BTD then this raise will be enough for
  2. ClosetInvestor: I’m assuming “Jerloff(s)” is not your real
  3. clayton: BAX 46.82 Baxter International Inc $BAX Std Dev
  4. Dody: $ONCI: National Association of Insurance
  5. Kas11: How do you guys put up with the corruption? when
  6. UNVC4ME: Great post and hopefully going forward it will be (1)
  7. Creekrat: The PR on Sep 6 said the plan was for the pooled
  8. Lucky Jimmy: BAX +0.80 total advance today 10:30 ET. Baxter
  9. plutonium: ...
  10. clayton: WMT 63.51 Wal-Mart Stores $WMT added to my watch

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