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  1. Chiro2019: It was taken today, 1 minute after it happened (9)
  2. jumpinwatersfine: BIOMM S.A. Public Company CNPJ/MF No. (27)
  3. grow: link for 2nd Brazil trial approved! translated (12)
  4. enemyofpluto: Kinda sounds that way in this parargraph in story (12)
  5. SFLsparky: Good morning and nice find Chiro. For those of us (14)
  6. Chiro2019: Interesting comment from Chris Farnworth.... (14)
  7. Dimes: It actually says 1m ago so the fact chiro (who I (2)
  8. docj: (4)
  9. CDiddy: Excellent. Thank you! Curious that this wasn't (1)
  10. ohm20: It is predominate compared to other areas. 1 in

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