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  1. Civicbird76: I think all PPS expectations this year have to be (4)
  2. Dr Zaius: EUA, from what I understand of it, appears well (19)
  3. CDiddy: Fantastic find. Thank you very much. Ok for me to
  4. CTMedic: The itolimuzab trial was ostensibly randomized (1)
  5. CTMedic: Dr. Z, everyone must be asleep. Your post if (2)
  6. Dr Zaius: Thanks for the props, this week has gotten me (3)
  7. CDiddy: Imagine how quickly those trials enroll with some (3)
  8. Goosebumps: It would seem that the largest impact in helping
  9. Dr Zaius: Please do!
  10. CTMedic: I must have misread. There are many intersecting

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