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  1. Gomie: Looks like NASDAQ tomorrow with public offering
  2. FightingFalcon: FYI all, My broker is showing VERB for the first (2)
  3. jcr53: "ALERT!" I agree patches 100 percent, the problem (5)
  4. DMC73: Nasdaq Friday?
  5. Jumperfish: This is from yesterday but I am seeing more (1)
  6. Caruso: but i think i’ve read that SFOR gets 30% until
  7. patches: I don't know why people on this board don't just
  8. reindeer830: Do you still think it will take 2 years for a
  9. Geezy: Given this filing will cover the 3 months ending (2)
  10. jcr53: "Warning" to all RMHB investors, Looks like the (5)

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