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  1. junebug: My question is Doc replied "yes" when asked would (18)
  2. Evil Rabbit: #12. (Approx 2am EST) MEDICAL BULLETIN OF FMR. (5)
  3. calstang: We're on Bloomberg. (12)
  4. calstang: LaundryMoney wrote: ...Mr. Brothen's accolades (1)
  5. Chiro2019: CEO OF Progressive Care just said this.... "We (8)
  6. PTM1: Let us be careful to protect posters' privacy
  7. LaundryMoney: So does Mahboobs linked in. Not an accurate gauge (1)
  8. bucweey34: Great informational site, not sure who put it (4)
  9. hoops: Posted it on Reddit. Nice
  10. FBCoach18: How about Chili getting in on the LL news?

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