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  1. Figgs: I know a bit about what's going on in Manaus. A (4)
  2. JLang: I don't know anyone on the ground in Manaus, but (3)
  3. PTM1: There but for the grace of god go (1)
  4. PTM1: Why would NP be any more believable for you than (2)
  5. PTM1: The FDA would have them arrested if they treated (1)
  6. Enjay: Dr. Patterson's slides from Dr. Bream's Facebook (6)
  7. ClosetInvestor: “Is anyone going to say Leronlimab?” They (3)
  8. WUM: Dr. Patterson said in the Dr. Bream video of (if (1)
  9. grow: CYDY notes from the recent CC on March 22, 2021 (36)
  10. craigakess: Yes, NP may know all of that, BUT until Estrada (1)

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