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  1. mikeyt1818: Get ready guys, our time is fast approaching! (9)
  2. Goosebumps: Last conference call Nader speculated that a buy (9)
  3. Boatbuilder: I bought TSLA at $78. I love being “trashy”. (5)
  4. mikeyt1818: On the verge of something earth shattering. Did (32)
  5. Rubraquercus: In ‘Power Grab,’ Health Secretary Azar
  6. Bored Lawyer: I'm very long and VERY concerned. (3)
  7. JLang: Absolutely... And this is why there are so many (4)
  8. ohm20: Who doesn’t have 5 years to get filthy rich at (6)
  9. JLang: I'm not here to discuss the stock going to 30¢. (4)
  10. hoops:

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