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  1. Evil Rabbit: Crappy predictions are his speciality. Never ask (1)
  2. Borel Fields: In one sense RTB had the least crappy prediction,
  3. onestepahead: In biotech world usual spread is 10-1 to suceed (1)
  4. CDiddy: Metoo. I keep listening to it. I cant tell if he
  5. CDiddy: Ok, good. Sorry I missed it
  6. junebug: mikey knows..... (2)
  7. Justalong: I certainly hope so. I’m now checking in every
  8. Mauibound: A few things I think caused this. Traders bought
  9. Riztheinvestor: Nope glad you brought it up again. Though I was
  10. nlightn: Yo I guess you don't bother reading the latest