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  1. Cytodynamite: I feel an increasing optimism among shareholders (1)
  2. crazyjogger925: sounds to me the $$$deal gets done but iam just (1)
  3. TechGuru: Trding, The deal after the NBA is the details (1)
  4. crazyjogger925: kudos to you running marathons my max was 12 (1)
  5. trding: If Pestell wasn’t selling his shares when the
  6. TechGuru: Full Tilt, Thanks. Valuable feedback. I always do (1)
  7. FullTilt: I am guessing the deal gets done, however I do (1)
  8. TechGuru: Amen, Crazyjogger925, I am a jogger too (8K every (1)
  9. Evilrbt: Thank you, *******, just sent your email to our (2)
  10. yukon pete: Honest investors should beware of the propaganda

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