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  1. junebug: My question is Doc replied "yes" when asked would (18)
  2. TraderJoe_80: I cant believe some people post this (13)
  3. LaundryMoney: I know I'll get persecuted on this as well, but (22)
  4. grow: link to update 7 of former Philippines president (2)
  5. mountaineer: I believe we will "be on sale" the next few days (2)
  6. TechGuru: (1)
  7. grow: Some CYDY notes from the recent CC on April 7, (35)
  8. grow: CYDY notes from the recent CC on March 22, 2021 (36)
  9. Enjay: Dr. Bream posted this critique of the FDA on his (15)
  10. CaptnAmerca: Maybe we need to change the name of the company (10)

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