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  1. sean007: DO IT ...DO IT....I own stock in (RLFTF) and I am (1)
  2. sean007: The answer is "Blowing in the Wind "for the next
  3. Figgs: So two weeks ago I said calculations in Dec had (2)
  4. mikeyt1818: Nobody knows for sure. We believe Doc has been (7)
  5. ohm20: I have been unable to find Dr. Patterson's patent
  6. grow: I expect it is likely to hear further mention (1)
  7. kabonk: My bad .. misread that graph. Busy day. It (2)
  8. Lee Ron Lemab: IMMUNOLOGY...the video game? OK I was trying to (7)
  9. March2Dollars: so, first post here. shareholder since early (1)
  10. CDiddy: Sorry, although I thought people have said (17)

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