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  1. Goosebumps: Quote: BTW, read the posts by Jake2212. He seems (7)
  2. ohm20: Bruce and Beaty for sure own IncellDX. Would (4)
  3. Pafiddler: Ohm20, I'd be curious about which of the 13d have (3)
  4. gsuk: My message in investors hub which may get (1)
  5. Drano: One trap that the 13-D supporters are setting is (2)
  6. JLang: This molecule would no longer exist if not for (4)
  7. LegendayGoat: IN DOC WE TRUST LETS GO!!!!!!!!SUPER (3)
  8. JLang: Well, as soon as President Trump gets reinstated,
  9. Figgs: I know you guys hate me talking about media, but (6)
  10. ohm20: We took the biggest problem I guess with the BLA (2)

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