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  1. jconst345: It’s as simple as this...I believe that (14)
  2. CDiddy: I mean, you usually don't want me to believe (6)
  3. ClosetInvestor: “But the FDA may still give EUA. I don't think (3)
  4. calstang: Nader seemed different tonight, confused, (4)
  5. calstang: CD12 is an adaptive Phase 2b/3. You adapt the (2)
  6. FIREwithCYDY: Forget Covid, we have just cemented our place in (7)
  7. RTB: Damn, for a soft basher, public enemy #1 and all (3)
  8. Werner: So if i understand everything...Monday NP will (4)
  9. jamming1092: Just listened to the Dr Been interview. *** (5)
  10. JLang: Health Canada may give Interim Order /emergency

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