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  1. Cycl2R: Another Emergent Growth Conference with CYDY on (3)
  2. ohm20: The expiration of the product patent is actually (1)
  3. sean007: The tail...that being (13d) recently morphing to (2)
  4. Justalong: The countdown continues. Just 2 hours to go! Way (3)
  5. Buddyboy20: I'm guessing "they" would be the shareholder
  6. nmbr1stckpckr: Wow. So soon after the last one? Wouldn't make
  7. ohm20: One of the videos the 13 D said it had something (6)
  8. LVgliders: Also, the attorney states it very clearly in his (7)
  9. sean007: "Keep them away or we're gone....." OK,
  10. drugmanrx:

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