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  1. Shelly2626: I always assume Tuesdays Tuesday seems to be the
  2. gbonation: Did anyone hear if there was going to be a press
  3. Coocooburra: Question - are the 6 new sites officially online
  4. Greenflame: Condolences to The Villacis family for the loss (1)
  5. DJknows: Not sure what was discussed on this before but
  6. lorbas: Situation in Brazil looks very dire... That would
  7. Rubraquercus: I think it is easy to justify what we want to (1)
  8. ClosetInvestor: CYDY is not going to advertise itself while
  9. Mo: IMO Leo's sole focus is building and maximizing (15)
  10. TechGuru: Was wondering what kind of information Dr. (8)

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