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  1. jeff67: Agreed. I believe they want the buyout .building (1)
  2. Georges: From I hub I watched the newscast on KOIN (1)
  3. CDiddy: That's interesting. To be honest, I've reached (10)
  4. EliteStockPicks: PRPM update with BDGR from CEO. Things are (1)
  5. Borel Fields: Anyone consider Samsung as a buyer? They are (3)
  6. Cassandra X: Understandable! Was that you on the KOIN story? (1)
  7. CDiddy: I'm sure you are being sarcastic. I don't think a (2)
  8. nmbr1stckpckr: Oh yeah! Buy me out. I'm cheap compared to the (2)
  9. Werner: Koin, Proactive, Dr Been, publications, (2)
  10. Kevin0461: Prediction... lots of buying today in (1)

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