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  1. Infinitewealth26: $ADHC very thin be on the look out for a eod
  2. jonny_red32: $FUSZ Chart & Video DD Update 6.18.2018, as of (4)
  3. zpaul: No- Fed C calendar is not yet open for (3)
  4. zpaul: It says NOT be in ... I request that oral (4)
  6. ace thompson: That's what I was trying to say. Also, our lead (3)
  7. ace thompson: How does this mean a settlement was reached? It (4)
  8. BFG BadMutha: Mark Kay: Thanks for asking, and this year really (3)
  9. zpaul: $SFOR 06/19/18 Fed. Circ. Affirms PTAB again (6)
  10. grow: I periodically check this link to the Court (4)

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