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  1. MarcS: Another reason not to give an advance accurate (2)
  2. Evil Rabbit: Unfortunately a lot of uninformed retail
  3. MarcS: SA hit piece. Didn't know. I have banished them
  4. PTM1: We are where we are because of NP. The good the (4)
  5. HCIT: Seewhy, that's exactly right. Those HIV patients
  6. Evil Rabbit: CYDY Share Price Should Have Gone Up Today. (5)
  7. docj: The biggest surprise from the CC might have been (5)
  8. Riztheinvestor: If you really think about it, it’s absolutely
  9. Shopcop7: It wasn’t the FDA who put out a press release (1)
  10. RTB: BPSR went from a nickel and is now at 25 cents.

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