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  1. redspeed: Let us know what BW thumbs down (5)
  2. redspeed: How about we start exposing flippers tonight and (19)
  3. Mauibound: OSB disliked your post on Investors Hangout. (7)
  4. JR30: Speaking of manipulation of the market, don't (12)
  5. redspeed: I'd prefer they stay on their island and live in (10)
  6. redspeed: Yes it did and a number of people tried to repost (10)
  7. redspeed: Let's entertain that thought that Adobe, because (7)
  8. Cthulhu: You're probably on the right track. Maybe not (3)
  9. Skydent: I just got a huge confidence boost!!! Sorry for (1)
  10. robinsonst1: I hope you are right, it only makes sense that (3)

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