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  1. LegendayGoat: man this price action is so depressing all of our (2)
  2. CDiddy: Fingers crossed. Dr L returning is a good sign (2)
  3. sean007: Oh, the target...the elusive target we've been (1)
  4. LegendayGoat: our time will come everyone hang in there we (6)
  5. CDiddy: "a child can pull a trigger." Agreed. But it (2)
  6. sean007: He wanted to show everyone...what side of the (1)
  7. MGK_2: Is it too hard to post a reference? Most of the (2)
  8. CDiddy: Why would Dr L post this video to his website, 3
  9. Civicbird1976: Hope this is exactly what David was alluding to (4)
  10. docj: Regarding Dr Kelly being removed. I'd like to (1)