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  1. RTB: I seem to hear two competing notions for why DSMC
  2. calstang: Due For A Catalyst? Yes, agree? Uplisting and HIV
  3. calstang: IMO, Data was "very close", why? Based upon UCLA (1)
  4. havasu78: I can't believe they let the trial run with 22/23
  5. calstang: Most smart people don't like or use advice. (the
  6. crazyjogger925: daily new covid cases getting out of control
  7. Shelly2626: We are due for a catalyst It's time
  8. blafarm: I agree Shelly!
  9. blafarm: You seem to always be negative. No offense taken. (9)
  10. Cycl2R: we don't have EUA due to a flawed system managed

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