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  1. mikeyt1818: Yes, I believe we are 100% day to day. The (15)
  2. mikeyt1818: Doc said SEC registered and NASDAQ. UNVC was (25)
  3. Buddyboy20: Enjoy!!! Cytodyn vaccine? (3)
  4. Shelly2626: Curious as well ER...but I'm also trying to (3)
  5. Chiro2019: WOW I think Doc just dropped a hint on his (15)
  6. Evil Rabbit: Today’s a great example of the rollercoaster. I (1)
  7. Evil Rabbit: First, I'd like to see confirmation he's really (7)
  8. Flash08: I don’t see a deal made. My opinion they would (1)
  9. Buddyboy20: Jonah Sacha may succeed in making an HIV vaccine, (5)
  10. Riztheinvestor: The timing of Rae is good imo. He was brought in