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  1. plavac: If we get BTD then this raise will be enough for (1)
  2. Almost A Myth: Just to clear the air about the mistaken
  3. Almost A Myth: Listen beer, your word mincing is every bit a
  4. ClosetInvestor: I’m assuming “Jerloff(s)” is not your real
  5. DirtyDawg: Not happy with the Katano post on the other
  6. Dody: $ONCI: National Association of Insurance
  7. misiu143: Fortuno , testing of this patients started (1)
  8. UNVC4ME: Great post and hopefully going forward it will be (1)
  9. Max1: New ceo...... New co will get into cbd or just
  10. MLR_Lite: "if we were only waiting for SEC, that would not (3)

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