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  2. Emmitt: Completely agree CY. I recently reached out to NP (17)
  3. Evil Rabbit: Scott Kelly mentioned that no company gets more (7)
  4. CGC: FDA is calling for applications for a Patient (4)
  5. MoonShot303: Interesting. Reminds me of a conversation I had (10)
  6. KenChowder: Hulk wrote, What stuck out to me was the value of (17)
  7. Evil Rabbit: Crap like this certainly doesn’t instill (5)
  8. Kevin0461: These are the stories that need to be told… (14)
  9. JLang: I just saw this, Chazzle.. you said it a lot more
  10. JLang: Guess you guys will have to trot out a new

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