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  1. Focus: Do you think Tuesday will be a good day to get in (2)
  2. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High NY
  3. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High NY Grab an ice cold ROCKY
  4. Bgallatin: Prediction was 10Q EOB Friday..this week.. better (4)
  5. mikemc1001: remember that this is a penny stock (2)
  6. grizzlyman: Best to be early to the show then late to the (1)
  7. lajet: ONLY this May 19 news release on OTC Markets ... (3)
  8. NotRichYet2: My stance here is that CTIX is a LONG TERM (3)
  9. Disco Bob: Focus the stock is at .0025 if you think (1)
  10. iToby1: Thanks to LT our board the people who sweep out (5)

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