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  1. Jaxdawson: Maybe this is the reason we don't see much (2)
  2. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High Society in Portland Oregon at (4)
  3. Steven1973: Exactly the kind of guy the company needs to sign (2)
  4. Roger Wilco: All the Cool Kids drink Coconut Lime energy drink (3)
  5. Stratocaster: Come on NTEK make us RICH!
  6. Drano: The Guggenheim is displaying a working 18-karat (2)
  7. AlanC: THE MONEY IS GONE David Dayen Sep. 22 2016, 12:49
  8. fitzkarz: Welcome to investors hangout. I have found,
  9. Delghetto: would really appreciate a makeup because no
  10. redspeed: Just PM'ed out some interesting news about the (9)

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