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  1. fuja21: I am adding big today , have been last two days (27)
  2. Ragz2Richez: reconstruction timeline tomorrow. conference call (9)
  3. NoSpinZone: EAGLE SPIRIT SPRING WATER; be renewed ! (8)
  4. CDash: LL Russlle LLC - 4/8/16 shares sold - 12.5M LL
  5. lajet: There is a despicable army of Unethical LIEHub (8)
  6. goodbuddy4863: Hidden meaning in Your post has been enlightened (2)
  7. lajet: The "LIEHub NTEK" board is TOTALLY Irrelevant and (15)
  8. AlanC: IMHO the short is huge. They are seeling markers (5)
  9. WinstonNC: Kris take a chill pill we're GREEN and its the (7)
  10. InToWin: Bid support growing... (3)

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