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  1. PhilCheeze: $TXHD major bargain under 0.03. Smart investors
  2. Mining Global CEO: Good Evening Shareholders, Bgallatin, pick a side
  3. phx_invest: In a response to an email from Kent, he ended it
  4. RollWithIt: Per FB post: "FLIGHT BTL101: On Friday November
  5. freegriff: obvi they got that burn rate down faster than
  6. WinstonNC: I was re reading the last Q report this evening
  7. Chas: I understand the tension. I was going to show
  8. Sitting Bull: Alan or anyone care to comment? A post on Yahoo,
  9. Dischino: Unfortunately, as I said, my expectations are
  10. Big Tuna: Added a few more today along with a couple of
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