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  1. rustydog62: Patty Randell is the only one that I am aware of (1)
  2. JAVA1: Zero connection with our NTEK Here is the link to (1)
  3. nitroman: That must be why the audit is taking so long, (1)
  4. Krisandtilly:
  5. Krisandtilly: Thanks do you know what business is ntek's
  6. stii_1: I agree with you A-hi! Those shorters prey on (6)
  7. Tombstone3821: Wake up peeps, its Monday! Another fine day in (4)
  8. Mexico10: Hulu Bets on Cable-Style Web TV Source: Dow Jones (1)
  9. GXRinvest: Happy Monday Folks.... So here is something that (18)
  10. Mexico10: Right product, right market, perfect timing.

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