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  1. rustydog62: Could NTEK possibly be one of the third-party (3)
  2. fuja21: Its been close to a year since this review came (16)
  3. HighAspirations: Lol fn love it and f that cdel.. Did u fill up on
  4. tinytoes51: AND I CLICKED AND WHAT DID I SEE!!!!Posting on (16)
  5. HangoverJoeFan: You made a great point most people who have been (4)
  6. AlanC: FINRA short sales of NTEK (2)
  7. Firebird: meh....what's another 4 years.......I've waited (2)
  8. goodbuddy4863: Your post definitely deserves a lot of (1)
  9. ccwilloe: cdel is fun to play games with. example: (1)
  10. Zattnt: I know ... I hear you. (1)

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