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  1. WinstonNC: "Unlike 4K itself, HDR makes a serious and
  2. Dakota111: So good movement in stock price and massive short (2)
  3. ccwilloe: .... 1 post.... you know, i was going to PM you (2)
  4. X10: That would be the best outcome we could Hope for
  5. GoinSouth: I have a feeling that NTEK has altered their
  6. HighAspirations: Again no edit available on this post however im
  7. HighAspirations: Again i find more of my prior complaints
  8. GoinSouth: It reduces the need for the NTEK advantage of
  9. jones2000: $GPRO The stock will either go up back to $13
  10. jones2000: CMG is trying to hold the $430's right now. CMG

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