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  1. Pugilista: Bashholes working on Memorial Day! I wonder if (1)
  2. bounty429: Looks like its all about the mbps (1)
  3. Tesla_se: Seeing people go is a positive thing as the (3)
  4. snakeclaw: Its jerry's right to post whatever he wants on (1)
  5. Disco Bob: I went to a new car dealership to inquire about (6)
  6. Stephen218: HJOE (1)
  7. big tod: Watched some prepaid moves on UltraFlix this
  8. mikemc1001: Netflix is already throttling peoples
  9. tinytoes51: Interesting........... The HEVC Holding Pattern:
  10. AlanC: NTEK appears to be following the SIRI model. Now (1)

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