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  1. lajet: UltraFlix added a new photo to the album:
  2. AlanC: I took a look at the trades so far today and (2)
  3. kmmohr1960: You know I would really love to continue this (1)
  4. Brodidi: I have my order in for a few more! That chart (2)
  5. ~Gordo~: anybody having trouble mailing
  6. beaz750: Got news??
  7. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High Entering the Chinese market!! (6)
  8. WinstonNC: NTEK chart has a perfect BULL FLAG pattern since (1)
  9. Roger Wilco: $RMHB investors are BULLISH! The $RMHB team will (2)
  10. WinstonNC: Dakota twice in two weeks NTEK has officially (1)

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