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  1. SeccoTech: I'm kind excited for this WOGI report to come
  2. Threeflight: Agree, I don't know why so many on this board
  3. rustydog62: A few new videos of both NTGL games being
  4. Euroman-4K: Netflix did have 55000 titles and 985 füll time
  5. papa nasty: To all the investors that cannot take the wait
  6. cpd7863: Cool to see
  7. OtroPex: Don't forget the Tequila. Wish I had some cash on
  8. Sam: Did I miss something? What does hearing loss have
  9. Carjockey2: Just keeps getting better and better here at ORTC
  10. Big Tuna: Thanks Prof! Excellent summary of today's
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