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  1. goodbuddy4863: To me that means a LOT of FLIPPERS too. Better
  2. Dischino: Night shift just clocked in....go get em (3)
  3. PaperProphet: If it was a skeptic who PM'd you, it's odd that
  4. TheMadeInDet: Any idea how much Etrade spends advertising on
  5. IronPantz: Straight from NTEK...UltraFlix will be down (1)
  6. PaperProphet: It would be nice to hear your report. I don't
  7. Roger Wilco: It's my time, it's your time..It's Rocky Mountain (7)
  8. Jerseyfish: Rocky Mountain High It's Rocky Mountain High (1)
  9. Deddhedd: Check out OGES
  10. TheSummerMan: Volume back! One shared traded at 0002. (1)

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