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  1. SUNYN75: From the 10K for the period ending June 30, 2016 (2)
  2. ddHawk: "Ignorant" a fox my friend ;) (1)
  3. makebucks: TXHD Big news on their twitter feed:
  4. mag1: The ARC..... TPAC OTC Message Board Now (2)
  5. clayton: EMES 14.93 Emerge Energy Services LP Commo $EMES
  6. danrocks: EMES is number 36 for the largest percentage gain
  7. PsychoStockNoob999: Twitter Hit!! KNSC ?@KNSC2 4h $KNSC We called DTC
  8. cabroncita: $MCWEF The Company’s Board of Directors, the
  9. mac: >4 mil Float - new coffee company $VATE press
  10. cabroncita: $MCWEF MCW has a breakthrough,

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