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  1. lajet: Board VIEW Numbers Today ... Hangout NTEK Board
  2. picon: Tru Dat......and many, many more things linked to
  3. SteveT: Feast of Saint Andrew, Apostle Reading 1 Rom
  4. Carsmax177: Well, if anyone buys too many shares, I will help
  5. caseyryan1986: agree, cheers to adam carter.
  6. anonomos: It's worse than you think. He does not work
  7. Atlas1: I nominate you to keep track of that list
  8. Atlas1: UPDATED Sunday TOTALS evening edition! Here's
  9. Hnbadger1: Thanks Cannoli. Good to see you posting
  10. WinstonNC: Atlas when the Black Fri Specials end we're going
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