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  1. mikemc1001: they try to "shake the tree" to see if they can (1)
  2. ol_brooksy: Question. Within the CBD drink PR, at the bottom
  3. lajet: LOLOL ... that kbrod1 dude is so lame that he (2)
  4. Sitting Bull: Threeflight and mjp buying shares. You two added (1)
  5. adirondackhi: The 60 day process began the minute the (2)
  6. Billythekid: Was that SHAKESPEARE. LMAO (1)
  7. Stock_Hunter: All I stated was that Al Stone had not left the
  8. Billythekid: Don't forget the extra million every year DEAL (4)
  9. Gerrytheb: "The more you do for someone, the more they (8)
  10. Dischino: Well said. we can do now is chill and (6)

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