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  1. eater7: How about private money in exchange for preferred
  2. Capitalgain: My apologies to the board, I didn't mean to cause (3)
  3. 4 MY T: $ would put the pps somewhere around (1)
  4. Zadie: Lajet - my question may be shed before, assuming
  5. Loudog: Okay I'm on it! (1)
  6. Rob124: One of the tweets last week or the week
  7. lajet: At this point, it does not indicate that it is (1)
  8. Philbert: IMO we will be over 6/7 by Thursday. (3)
  9. Tombstone3821: That would be a nice start! (1)
  10. Zattnt: I recall reading earlier this year that 10 (2)

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