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  1. jayreese: lol! that is freaking funny! Steal and Halitosis!
  2. Jagger350: Just follow your own advice. Posted On:
  3. Hootavoota: Hungry for a pass of the Ewok. Come on Daddy
  4. IronPantz: Hey NTEK, who's responsible for brand image
  5. Euroman-4K: Yes thanks Ntek team!! They changed it!! This
  6. IronPantz: I think you're right. I think NTEK's seasoned
  7. Penniestomillions: Please know this 2can, I am not going anywhere
  8. Sitting Bull: Lol, that is when he had shares. He/She is trying
  9. JAVA1: This puppy goes up a considerable amount in the
  10. rustydog62: Winning- The racing life of Paul Newman Is
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