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hockmir: $TEVE Telvue Corp

A quick check of the board stats for the day show

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Alloy Steel International, Inc. (AYSI: OTC Pink

celtics2014: $SCRC ScripsAmerica Inc

Well put Guts! 30 people that have banded all

celtics2014: $SCRC ScripsAmerica Inc

You know Tut thats what is so amazing 1 stream of

mrgreenjeans: $MCIG mCig, Inc.

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celtics2014: $SCRC ScripsAmerica Inc

Thats correct Guts we always said lasy year it

Razor1965: $DUTV Digital Uts Ventures

Damn Ram ... You cut me deep on that one.

bellsandwhistles: $SKTO SK3 Group Inc.

You've been wholly wrong on SKTO and pumped it

Guts: $SCRC ScripsAmerica Inc

Q3 & Q4 will tell the SCRC story, just like you